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450 Mission discovery worth it? (treasure hunting and underworld esp.)

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450 Mission discovery worth it? (treasure hunting and underworld esp.)

PlanetLove's Avatar

07.31.2013 , 04:00 AM | #1
On my server,

Mytag crystal ~9,8-10k
Treasure Hunting Mission 450 35-40k

Beryllius 14-15k
Underworld Mission 450 40-50k

My question is, how many purple mats does a 450 mission discovery net? Can they crit or fail (ouch!! ) ?
If they don't net at least 4 purple mats (I've seen lower mission discoveries return 4 sometimes, but I'm not sure of the range, maybe 3-5 or just 3-4), they are not worth running, because the missions are expensive, take forever and rest of the mats are worthless.

Gladeshadow's Avatar

07.31.2013 , 03:42 PM | #2
450 lvl missions will give you 6 purple mats w/ crits of 8. And they can not fail (I hope so, don't hear anyone failed item-mission).

MeNaCe-NZ's Avatar

07.31.2013 , 06:55 PM | #3
450 treasure hunting do not give you 6 purple's ( mytags ). The range I've noticed is 3-5 and i've enver noticed them fail but thenn I always have 2 companions on them so I guess I could have easily missed 1 or 2 failures I wasn't sure about.

Value wise ... take an average of 4 mytags and you get some gift parts and a random chest plus a small credit chest too. The chest could contain items anywhere from 2k - 80k I've found in my experience.
The mytags on my server the money is more in using artifice. Ignoring the other mats as they are quite cheap and easy to get through arhaeology, then you can use 2 mytags to make about 30-40k in advanced 28 enhancements or 4 mytags can net 60-70k in advanced 28 hilts. So yeah I figure I can turn 30K - 35K I pay for the missions and the few K on the mission itself net me well over 80K all put together so I'm effectively doubling my investment.

Selling the crystals individually ideally never makes better money really as you'd have to a bit stupid to be buying up materials that net you a loss on the sold crafted material ( unless you are relying solely on the hopes of criting and that's not overly smart way to play, you would probably sitll come out with a net loss. )

EnderSeventyFour's Avatar

08.01.2013 , 02:49 AM | #4
My experience gives me this:
Underworld trading mission gives 4 Beryllius, 8 when crit + useless junk such as purple mats for Synthweaving that nobody will ever use.
Treasure hunting gives 4 Mytag crystals, 5 when crit + credit chest (between 1k and 3k I'd say)+ random box.
You get less mats on a crit, but the object in the box can sometimes be very valuable. My last two boxes contained Slicing mission discovery. Those sell for a bit less than 200k on my server, and gives you 6 thermal regulator when used.

Edit: oh and I never saw failure on those missions