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Empire had poor security

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07.15.2013 , 10:48 AM | #11
Ultimately it comes down to overly complicated planning on the side of the Empire. They did want Princess Leia to be rescued from the Death Star (I) so they could track her to the new rebel base. So any half-*****ery on their part can be hand-waved away as "part of the plan."

The better argument is for ROTJ, where the Imps were going to let the shuttle through with an old, valid code anyway when Vader stepped in and got all Force-y on them. Perhaps such an "important" installation (supposedly providing shields for the supposedly not-yet-functional DSII) should have insisted on only the newest security codes. Then again, maybe security was so lax because the station wasn't as critical as it was supposed to be. But if all the Imps knew the moon station was a ruse, it's likely the information would have been leaked.

So I guess it comes back to the Emperor wanting the rebels to think they had a chance at victory, so they would commit all their resources and consequently get wiped out by the fully functional battle station. Although why the Emperor would pin his entire strategy on the success of a huge battle station that had previously proven to be great at blowing up planets, and really sucky at defending itself from tiny fighter ships is one of the great mysteries of the universe. His strategy should have been to get all the rebels into orbit around a planet or moon (say the forest moon of Endor, for example), and then jump the DSII to a safe distance and blow the moon up! I can't imagine the rebel fleet could survive being in orbit of a destroyed planet.

Hey, I'm pretty evil. I should hire myself out to Evil Empires as a strategist.

So how about letting the DS plans get stolen in the first place? Somebody in Imperial IT Security should have lost their job over that one! (Or maybe IITS had just moved into their new offices in the Death Star, in which case my condolences to their families.)