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Choices, choices.

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06.17.2013 , 01:39 PM | #1
I hae a 55 sorc, I heal on her, pretty decent. I also have a 55 Assassin and a 55 PT. I want to have one of each role. So I leveled both the 'Sin and the PT as tanks. That is all I know how to do with either. I want to turn one of them into a solid dps. However, I am not really all that concerned with viability unless one of them is so poorly designed as to be nonfunctional. What I am concerned with is ease of play. I solo with them both, everyday I do dailies with all 3. I would like to know which is the easier to play as a dps. Complicated priority systems and complex rotations turn me off. So my questions:

Which has the easier rotation and which tree would that be?

Which has the easier time soloing dailies as a dps?

Money isn't an object I can throw a bunch of money at them to get them into 66's pretty easily. Thanks for your time.
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