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Patient Zero : bugged , way over powered

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Patient Zero : bugged , way over powered

Chimeran's Avatar

06.16.2013 , 12:31 AM | #1
Seeker droid mission on the Arcanum.
Have to kill some Rakgul called Patient Zero.
I am a level 55 commando with level 60+ gear heal spec, my companion is fully geared dps.
There is no way to kill this beast, it can self heal itself faster than I can dps.
Patient zero only has 37k hit points.

Now I can solo level 55 champions, yet can't even get this guy below 75% health.
It felt like this mob was way over scaled for a basic solo quest that I am 2 levels higher for.
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OwenBrooks's Avatar

06.16.2013 , 12:36 AM | #2
I found I had to get in close (was on my scoundrel healer), if I tried from a distance epic fail like you said.

Some have pulled him onto the boxes from what I have heard.

Chimeran's Avatar

06.16.2013 , 02:46 PM | #3
No, nothing worked.
Tried the boxes pull, I also tried fighting close.
The best I can do with all my HoTs running with me and M1-4X ( both fully geared in 60+ mods) , I can only do about 20% damage.

The mobs bar says it can periodically self heal, but its self heal is turbo charged, even speced with all armor piercing seems to make no difference, burning fire no difference , nothing slows down the crazy self heal.

Like I said before, soloing a level 55 champion is a cake walk compared to this guy, *** is that?
Is it just my class, not soloable with a healer speced commando? Dps just too low?
50 Trooper 50 Sorc 36 Bounty Hunter 38 Shadow
43 Sniper 27 Smuggler 30 Sith Jedi Guardian

kirdapeswtor's Avatar

06.16.2013 , 03:17 PM | #4
I think the problem is your companion if it is correct that you are using M1-4X.

He's a ranged tank, NOT a dps companion, and you need a dps companion. Or in other words M1-4X simply cannot put out the damage necessary. Aric Jorgan or Yuun are your options. Aric is your ranged dps and Yuun your melee. If you have HK-51 unlocked I'm sure he works as well (used him on my Sorcerer and breezed through).

I did the quest on my Scoundrel with a DPS companion, and had no problems, in heal spec.

Mixaplix's Avatar

08.30.2014 , 10:34 AM | #5
Probably said and done before but here is my insight on firsthand experience with the bug and without after. What is bug is not Patient Zero NPC (directly) itself, but the instance overall. As many is aware of, the instance scale depending on the amount of players present but the issue here is that you're soloing the instance yet it feels as though you're in a 2+ Heroic and as many had brought up, if you were in a party and did not leave, it scaled; etc. etc. But what if you were never in a party to begin with you say? Well I for one, was not in any party before starting the instance. I had fought this guy and he was regenerating faster than I can DPS. People argued that there is no issue and etc. or that the gear is crappy but that isn't the case. The instance count on the top left corner states how many people are currently present in the area, not party (almost like how when you're on the Fury or whatever ship you got and it states that number). Well that night when I ran the instance, it showed me and 1 other person doing the same instance even though we weren't in a party together nor did we start at the same moment; I entered in right after probably some time much later. When I fought the other mobs, there were no issue up to the point of Patient Zero did it felt like a 2 man plus. Today, I went back to the same instance without resetting/abandoning it and fought him again except this time the top left corner is reading only myself in the area doing this instance. I didn't change any gear or mods and I fought him with no issue this time. So somehow, the instance itself would read me and other people. It's as though it combined other people in their own instances and scaled it with my own and it only seemed to occur at Patient Zero fight rather than the other trash mobs prior. That would be my theory behind the OP Patient Zero fight that people may be experiencing.
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