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Jedi Knight - High-Tech Savages (Sabotage)

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Jedi Knight - High-Tech Savages (Sabotage)

Sentz's Avatar

12.21.2011 , 06:17 PM | #1
Hi all,

Ok I'm just putting this out there because I think my 50 dark points were not warranted, however insignificant - this is more food for thought.

In the High-Tech Savages Quest it completes with you either taking or sabotaging the weapons cache. Ultimately I elected to sabotage the weapons as opposed to giving them to the Twi'Lek's - below is an overview and my reasoning.

The Twi'Lek's setup an illegal camp on Tython and the Republic had already made it clear they did not want us to help them. Despite this as a Jedi and in order to prevent further blood shed you help.

Now having said that, what is the best course of action?

- Provide them with the weapons. Remember you are already going against the wishes of the Republic by helping them. Adding to this laundry list you're now going to provide an entirely illegal settlement on your home planet with advanced weapons to use however they see fit. Sure they are an ally now, what's to say they aren't turned at a later date - on your HOME PLANET? Moreover by providing them with these weapons it is only themselves who benefit defense wise - what about all of the attacks on the Jedi?


- Sabotage/Booby-trap the weapons. By selecting this path you are NOT providing an illegal settlement of highly emotional people with advanced weapons. Moreover the vastly more important factor to take into consideration is the fact by sabotaging the Flesh Raiders weapons not only do you help the Twi'Lek people, you help ANYONE the Flesh Raiders attack. I certainly never saw any Twi'Lek helping when the Jedi Temple was under attack? This course of action provides stability and benefits for both Jedi and Twi'Lek without taking a potentially criminal path in the eyes of the republic.

Yes please give me my 50 light points back. Here's hoping that any other morally grey quests further in the game are thought out a little more!

/End Rant, Food for Thought etc

JakeLightbearer's Avatar

12.21.2011 , 06:46 PM | #2
They aren't. :/