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Solo vs. Group Suggestions

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Solo vs. Group Suggestions

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05.27.2013 , 11:04 AM | #1

First I know this is probally a re-hashed title, and probally will get flack saying learn to play or this is a mutli-media organization game. However all the flack and the hey its yet another complaint about player vs. player I thought maybe we hear from people what they truely would like to have. Unfortnately this conversation will be one sided because a great number of players do not goto the forums and make comments or read them and present options that might be benifical without being shot down by L2P or this is a MMO.

  • Solo que - Playing against other players that only want to fight other solo players.

  1. There is a great number of players that are tired of always facing pre-made groups that are both geared (bolster wont make it even) and have advantage of voice over internet protocol such as Mumble, Team Speak or Ventrilo.
  2. This still supports MMO play because it pits players vs. players but might make que times for either solo que players or group que players longer unless we have cross server competition.
  3. Not all solo que players are created equally and can definately cost a match which then the pug players blame the pre-made in the match.

  • Group que - Playing against other players that prefer grouping with friends.

  1. There is another giant chunk of players that do prefer to play with one to three other players because they are friends or guildmates.
  2. This group tends to not want to do rated because que times can be long and the rest of the team that fills out might be bad players and cost them rating.
  3. Might support 2v2, 3v3 or 4v4 arena style arenas to pit themselves against other like mined players.
  4. Not all pre-made groups are created equally and can definately cost a match which they usually blame on the pug players in the match.

  • Rated que - Full raid groups of eight players typically geared.

  1. This group sits in long que times and usually the creme of the crop player vs. player guilds or indivduals asked to join them from observations in on of the other two formats.
  2. No solo que player or group player wants to risk rank against this type of group play because it is like the current state in un-ranked where solo vs. group.

Conclusion is unless we add cross server fights or add different options for players to que, alot of people will continue to leave matchs vs. fighting a pre-made group and pre-made grups will either continue to stomp out the solo players or blame them if there side loses.
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