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easiest tank to play?

goldnuggets's Avatar

05.01.2013 , 08:34 PM | #1
which tank has the least amount of buttons they use or easiest to play?

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05.01.2013 , 09:29 PM | #2
Powertech. Though with "least buttons" also comes least cooldowns for when stuff hits the fan.

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05.01.2013 , 09:43 PM | #3
You are sure to get a variety of heated opinions on this but I would suggest Vanguard for your first tank for two reasons:

1. If there is a mob that you don't have threat on usually all you have to do is target them and fire one basic attack and you will top their threat table for enough time for the situation to stabilize. Your range for that is 30 meters.

2. So much of your mitigation is passive. I often go several minutes without taking enough damage to bother with using any of my defensive cooldowns on my Vanguard. Where as with my shadow it feels like every other action I take is with the intention of either mitigating damage or self healing.

Once you have reached end game it probably won't matter anymore as you will have learned your class by then.

I can't speak for guardian as I don't have one but I do have a 55 vanguard and a 55 shadow and I tank with them both.

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05.02.2013 , 02:28 AM | #4
Prior to 2.0, the easy answer was "Vanguard or Powertech". That class became rather more complicated in 2.0, however, and now I think the three classes are relatively balanced in terms of difficulty.

At their current state, Vanguards/Powertech have a lot of procs that need to be monitored to maintain maximum efficiency. There's a real trick to that, and the rhythm of the rotation is hard to nail. But they're still relatively safe tanks in that they rely heavily on passive mitigation rather than cooldowns.
Guardians/Juggernauts are much improved in 2.0, with much better threat generation. Their challenge is still dealing with spread out mobs - trash pulls can be scary - but for single target tanking I would suggest that they're currently the easiest to play, with very strong defensive cooldowns, solid passive mitigation and a relatively simple sets of procs to trigger and monitor.
Shadows and assassins are pretty much where they've always been: they have excellent pro-active defensive cooldowns and a lot of tricks up their sleeve that make them really good in the hands of someone who knows the fights well. They're not "hard" per se, but they do require that you know when a boss is about to smack you with his big hit, for example, so you can put your defenses up beforehand. If an attack slips through your layers of defense, you're pretty squishy. You also need to have a certain rhythm to your rotation, which I think is better for hotkey-using players; for example, you need to hit dark/kinetic ward pretty much on the dot every 15 seconds, as well as routinely proc your self heals.

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05.02.2013 , 07:53 AM | #5
I'd like to start off with mentioning this game isn't too difficult, so always consider a tank that fits your playstyle! Well, it can be hard to master, but this goes for most classes.

Though to answer your question. I personally found Vanguard/Powertech (especially before 2.0, but now still) extremely boring, because it had so little buttons to press and all I had to watch was keeping my stacks of absorbtion up. Also about 1 defensive cooldown (and a selfheal) making it... unchallanging for me to play. On top of that I felt a pretty decent meatshield and thus doing my job. So ye, my vote goes to this one for the least buttons, I guess 'easiest' though they are slightly more complicated after 2.0. however;

Guardian/Juggernaut I felt I had a lot of attacks to deal with, but only a few are really important. (Blade Storm, Retaliation, Force Sweep) The rest I felt I could mash what-ever and it made a little difference to what felt to me as a perfect rotation. More defensive cooldowns to manage but they're mainly panic buttons whenever you feel you want some pressure off the healers.

In short. Vanguard/Powertech is likely the answer to your question, but I wouldn't be too afraid of the Guardian/Juggernaut, especially now threat is a lot easier for them. They are both relatively easy to play, not too many 'important' buttons and a reactive rather than pre-amptive playstyle. (IMO) Look into those and which you think you'd prefer playing.

I wouldn't go for Shadow/Assassin as your first tank if you're insecure. They have a piss-easy time with threat, I'm pretty sure if I mash my head on the keyboard and pass out I'll still hold threat. How-ever keeping yourself alive and being pleasent to heal is a lot more complicated.

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05.02.2013 , 08:13 AM | #6
I will vote Powertech/Vanguard because you push a button and stuff instantly happens, and you have very solid passive (without using abilities) defenses.

Guardian/Jugg combat system can feel a little clunky - with a PT, you jump in and you hit your abilities without any preconditions, slowing down if you need to (literally) chill. With Warrior combat system, you need to generate focus first (with Enrage/Combat Focus, Sunder, Saber Throw, Charge, etc), and unload, while keeping active generation in mind during rotations.

Shadow/Sin mitigation requires you to constantly pay attention and prioritize your defenses well in order to maximize your mitigation.
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05.02.2013 , 08:15 AM | #7
Vanguard. Now that we have Hold the Line + Storm, it's simple as pie to start fights the right way, and you get to skip all the lack of gap closer + lack of physics immunity stupidness that afflicts the two other tanks. Those two talents alone will make this class feel immensely "easier" to play, just because the class does what you need it to do, without any silliness or surprises. And on those occasions where you are knocked back or slowed, you have mid range damage to keep the pressure up between 4-10m or while on the run.

You also have reasonably good AOE threat between your damage and taunt abilities, as well as a pull, so it's straightforward to maintain control even over packs of mobs.

Overall, the class just works, and it works in the way you would expect a tank to work. It isn't wedded to broken mechanics like spamming absorbs or dependent on interruptible self-heals that don't actually help when most needed. And it doesn't suffer from glaring, annoying holes in the toolset, like the lack of gap closer (assassin) or gap closer with no physics immunity (guardian). That's not to say that talented players can't make the other tanks work despite their liabilities; clearly people can and do. But if you want a tank class that just works, go with the Vanguard.

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05.10.2013 , 04:50 AM | #8
Take my advice with a fist-sized grain of salt, as I fully admit to having limited experience with this game, though a lot of tanking in other games, such as, gasp, WoW, leading raids in BC and WotLK content.

My advice goes along the lines of what's been said so far as, if you're looking for an easy tank to play, stay away from the Guardian (the one that most closely resembles the WoW warrior tank mechanics). The most apt description I can think of it's very gimmicky gameplay is "Krusty the Tank"... "ohohoho now I'm over here! ohoho now I'm running around like mad trying to build threat on ranged mobs! ohohoh now I'm throwing in some random absorbs to confuse the healers! ahaha ohoho now I'm relying on some cooldowns to pretend I have reliable mitigation! ohoho now I'm interrupting with force push because kick's on cooldown!".

It certainly makes for fast paced and visually entertaining gameplay where you feel very active, but at times it can be a bit stressful, especially with randoms. I don't think it's a tanking class suited for new players at all - though I cannot comment on the trooper tank in comparison, not having played it yet.

Hope that helps making your pick!

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05.10.2013 , 06:02 AM | #9
My first tank was my juggernaut and I think it's an easy one to start out with. And by reading a few guides on tanking and playing lots of flashpoints, you get really good at it fairly quickly. Once you're good on tank mechanics, you can pretty much be effective with any tank class, although it took me a little while to figure things out with my assassin. My personal recommendation is juggernaut or guardian with full left tree spec (immortal tree for jugg) and somewhat up to date guardian mods in your armor as you progress. Tanking is a lot of fun once you get the hang of it and with the soldier class tanks, you have no light saber. Ya gotta have a light saber!
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