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Which gender for each class?

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Which gender for each class?

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04.23.2013 , 04:09 AM | #21
Im male in real life, so my answer is male for all of them ;-)
I just cant connect with a female Avatar.
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04.23.2013 , 06:05 AM | #22
Playing both genders and all classes - some classes I played both genders just to see the difference in voice acting and "feel". Here are my observations.

Jedi Knight - both fit really well. Clothing aside (you can look the way you want to with moddable and adaptive gear), Guardian animations really sat well with a female character (less so than Sentinel, because of the way they tilt their torso around during attacks - looks awkward) - very clean, technical, graceful and efficient. Male can look awkward with bigger body types due to the abundance of jumps and flips in non-tank specs.
Voice acting-wise, the male is pretty much a mix of Obi-Wan and Luke - calm voice, light-hearted attitude, and a bit of dry wit. The female Knight is your Lady Paladin "silk-hiding-steel" type. Polite, measured speech with a soft trans-Atlantic accent.

Both seem natural in their roles and the overall story.

Jedi Consular - both fit well, in my opinion. Male voice seems a bit bland, at times, but is very suitable if you make your character with a monk in mind (Mine's a bald Miraluka Shadow with sleek shades for mask, wears War Hero brown chest+pants). Female Consular sounds amazing, in my opinion. Not a lot of room for the VA to spread her wings, but in the space given to her, she did very, very well.

As far as the story goes, both genders seem equally fitting.

Smuggler - I'll have to go with Male on that one. I played my Scoundrel DS and he gave off the exact "charming, ruthless thug" vibe as I planned. And, just like another person in this thread said, men look better in trenchcoats in this game
However, I also have a female GS, and she's the flirty, daring rogue type, and I can't say that it feels awkward or unnatural. I just liked the way that the guy played more.

Trooper - Male. Body type3 (2 is still fine), thickest armour you can find and you have a durasteel-clad god of war in front of you. No contest, really. A lot of Trooper moves and equipment look like they take a lot of physical strength, and animations look best with males because of the way they put their weight into stock strikes, heft those gigantic assault cannons, etc. Sure, you can male a body type3 female, but they look awkward, at least in my opinion.
And I think Hale is way overrated - especially in her FemShepard role. And I think she fails to convey what a combat officer should be sounding like. She's too cheesy to my tastes. Not enough steel and authority in her voice, too much "I'm so awesome and assertive", no real discipline behind it. At least in my opinion. Male Trooper sounded way more authentic.
That said, I still have a female Commando, and I love the way she looks in medium weight-looking armour with that big gun of hers.

Sith Warrior - Male all the way. The voice sounds better, deeper, more rich, and the animations seem to be very male-biased.

Sith Inquisitor -going to go with female. The voicework is simply amazing, and I think Zash is a great role model for her. Pleasant, somewhat flirty and very, very calculating. A darker "silk-hiding-steel" female character. But of course there's the psychotic witch variant with full Dark Side, but that's just not classy. Got a DS Male Socrerer for that, and I must say he does fit the bill.

Agent - played both and loved both. Both give off the cold professional feel, both do their job in their individual capacities.

Bounty Hunter - would say male if male BH voicework was better. As it is now, he's trying to hard to sound gruff and bad-arse. The lady BH captures the whole "gruff freelancer" feel better, in my opinion. She sounds more open when she's laughing, furious or considering to punch a Beskar-clad fist through your skull. Very natural.
The only turnoff for female BHs is bounty-hunter armour aesthetics, and romance options (the former is easily remedied, though).
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04.23.2013 , 01:47 PM | #23
Here's what I went with, plus anything I've noted in playing them:


Jedi Knight - Male - David Hayter (Voice of Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid) voices the character, and the relationship with Kira fits the story perfectly.

Jedi Consular - Female - I havent gotten too far in, but this doesn't seem to overwhelmingly favor one over the other

Smuggler - Female - Honestly, I really should have rolled Male for this one. The female character is great, but from what I've seen the male is even better simply due to the way the story plays out (also RIsha is awesome as a romantic interest, and even Akavi is worlds better than farmboy Corso).

Trooper - Female - Jennifer Hale (Fem Shep from Mass Effect) made this a no-brainer for me. However, some people might find the nearly identical character (seriously, she's basically the same character in a different setting) jarring or off-putting.


Sith Warrior - Male - Romantic options are way better, story seems to fit a male character *slightly* better, but that may just be familiarity on my part.

Sith Inquisitor - Female - This could really go either way. Romance options are kind of lame either way (I friendzoned Andronikos right off). I feel like the female SI's relationship with her master and her first acolyte is more natural and comes off better than with a male, but that's really subjective.

Agent - Male - Honestly, this had everything to do with Kaliyo. She's a narcissistic psycho, but she's *my* narcissistic psycho. Really though, you can go either way on this one from what I understand.

Bounty Hunter - Male - The male voice is just to friggin perfect for a bounty hunter. I can't imagine *not* going male on this one, simply for his voice alone. All I can say is "One... Two... Three... *blam*".

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04.24.2013 , 10:24 PM | #24
Well, robe appearances seem so much more appropriate for females. If they were actual robes, it would make no difference, but they are done in two parts (chest and legs) with a cinched waist that makes many of them appear to be more of a blouse & skirt, rather than a single contiguous robe. That does skew my choices for light armor wearing classes, though adaptive armor can get around that.

I look at the voice actor, the romance options, and some metagaming in the way of companion affection.

The Sith Inquisitor and Sith Warrior I strongly prefer to be Female, because Zavros and Quinn both have no Companion Gifts that grant the highest rank of affection unless they are being courted (meaning that a Male Sith is guarunteed to have one companion that will never 'Love' anything you buy them).

Trooper goes Male for the same reason; Dorne is just too picky unless you're dating her.

The Smuggler I prefer to be male, mostly because of the 'girl in every port' thing. As a Male Smuggler, he comes off as a bit sleazy, but in sort of a Captain Kirk way where he risks his life for the girl that he barely knows, then gets to nail the alien girl. The Male Smuggler seems to approach 'Fade To Black' as though it's a form of currency he accepts in the place of credits for a job well done. With the Female Smuggler, she doesn't seem to have to put the same amount of effort into winning her romance over; just flirt a bit and bat her eyes and he's jumping into bed. It makes the Female feel more like she'll just take any guy that's willing, while the Male gives off more of an impression that he is chasing after a few particular hard-to-get girls. I did a Smuggler both ways to 50, and with the female it just seemed a lot more desparate and random.

(Also, I hate Corso.)

For the rest, I tend to go with whichever gender gets their romance arc first. The Male Consular, for example, doesn't get his romance companion until Act 3. That means that all conversations are unlocked, rather than gated, so you buy her some presents and she falls in love with you the first day. It feels rushed, forced, and unconvincing. The Female Consular in contrast gets to develop hers over the course of many levels and planets, letting it have a more natural progression feel.

Bounty Hunter I prefer Female because I enjoy JYB's voice acting and have thought he was awesome even back since Power Rangers, so that was my romance of choice.

Knight and Agent both go Male because that's the earlier romance companion, and because it provides some sense of balance so I don't end up with most of my characters being female.

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04.26.2013 , 12:24 PM | #25
I have only played male characters so far, but I have watched a few cut scenes with females just to see how they play out. Based on the feel of the story and the romance options, this is what I come up with:

Knight: Male. He and Kira definitely click more.
Smuggler: Male. There are obvious parallels to Han Solo, including the whole ending up with a princess thing. Also, from what I've seen of the female, I doubt she would end up with someone as clingy as Corso. Corso is fine as a companion for the male, they can get along and be friends and comrades, but as a female I would get tired of him really quick.
Trooper: My gut say female. Not sure why.
Consular: I think either way, but I would guess that whatever ends up being canon will have an even gender split, so I am going with female

Hunter: Male. While I could imagine the female with Torian, the male and Mako have an obvious connection.
Warrior: Female. I'm not sure why, again this is just my gut reaction.
I'm not entire sure about the other two, but since I have already made the last two imps the opposite gender of their pub counterparts, I'm going to go ahead with Male inquisitor and female agent.

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04.26.2013 , 07:23 PM | #26
All I can really say is Female for Trooper because I simply love the voice actress. All that's missing is Garrus to do some calibrating. Also, I feel as though I MUST play Consular as female, the class just screams Unohana from Bleach to me for some reason (though I don't know why, I'm not particularly fond of the Bleach character). The rest could go 50/50, except the Smuggler, which I'm currently playing a female on and I'm just not feeling it.

Aside from gender, though, I thinking about rerolling my Warrior as a Sith race. The "pure Sith nobility" type of vibe I'm getting from the early missions doesn't really fit on the Zabrak that I chose.

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04.27.2013 , 02:06 AM | #27
I believe every class could convincingly be either gender.

However, there is a plot twist at the end of the Agent storyline. If you played male, you'd be saying "Oh, so that's what was going on. It all makes sense now". But when playing as a female you'd just raise an eyebrow and say "Umm, what?".


That's why I think the Agent should be male if you are concerned about the class story making the most sense.


Plus, the whole "James Bond" thing.

I played a male Inquisitor but I think the fact that


could make female a more logical choice.
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