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Leia strangling Jabba....(interpretation)

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Leia strangling Jabba....(interpretation)

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04.23.2013 , 03:42 PM | #11
I doubt many people were thinking about how strong she'd have to be to strangle him, or how she accomplished it, since at the time she was wearing a bikini with string straps that are so thin her back might as well be bare, and the front was skimpier than (or at least as skimpy as) what most see at a beach.

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04.24.2013 , 10:17 AM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by Wolfninjajedi View Post
The OP asked about if it foreshadowed Leia's origins. :P If its foreshadowing that Leia is Luke's sister...then ya, it would be a link to Vader given that Vader is Luke's dad so...ya. But who knows if the author didn't or did? What if someone read the book first, then watched the movie? Given that the book comes out before the movie, there is that chance.

Plus just because someone watches the films first and knows what happens, doesn't mean that in a few of the movies there was foreshadowing.
Well I was meaning more on the lines of *Leia strangles Jabba to the Imperial March* kind of foreshadowing...