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Which crew skills should I level for 2.0 Tuesday/Question about new Biochem stims

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Which crew skills should I level for 2.0 Tuesday/Question about new Biochem stims

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04.05.2013 , 10:38 PM | #1
Ok so I haven't done PVE for almost a year and have no desire to start for 2.0. I am only playing SWTOR for the PVP. I know that PVE is one of the best methods to earning credits (by crafting essentially).

My question is simple: What crew skills will net me the most credits for 2.0? Currently on my main I have Artifice, Scavenging, and Slicing. It sounds like I should drop Artifice because it is more of a PVE crew skill.

I just recently heard from someone that there will be new stims craftable for Biochem. It sounds like I should pull the trigger by unlearning Artifice and level Biochem to 400 for Tuesday--as long as the new Biochem stims will be the best you can get for 55 that is..

When the patch that first introduced augements was released, I made a killing by having high level green belts and bracers pre-crafted so I could RE them and make augmentation kits. Will there be a new method such as this come Tuesday that can net me a huge profit? I have nothing to do until Tuesday besides running regular warzones, so I would like to get as prepared as possible.

Thanks ahead a bunch for the help guys

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04.06.2013 , 12:32 AM | #2
Synthweaving, Armormech:

They make the main stat augments and augment kits which will be high in demand and low in supply early in 2.0. Get out to a head start and craft these! They will sell very high quickly.
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