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Overcoming Adviercity: A Trooper's Tale

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Overcoming Adviercity: A Trooper's Tale

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02.12.2013 , 03:43 PM | #61
Ah, Alderaan, you complicated little mess you. I'll be curious to see how this goes since I thought the trooper questline on this planet was interesting. Plus Vierce and live Elara...this is a good thing
aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?
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03.25.2013 , 08:41 PM | #62
Chapter 27: Civilians

Let me make one thing clear. I believe in equality of the sexes. A dead comrade's just as dead no matter if it's a man or a woman who shot him. On the other hand, if weaponry and war aren't involved I'm inclined not to mistreat people weaker than I am. Which is just about everyone. The habit gets stronger the more delicate people get, that's all.

I followed Thul's directions to a mountain estate…everyone in these parts had a mountain estate…and, after making sure we didn't have any company, used the entry code he had given me to walk in a side door. I didn't know how much of the staff was friendly, so rather than announcing our presence I just started walking. Walking and listening.

Jorgan silently signaled at some point. We followed his lead down a side hall into a lavishly furnished little parlor where, inside the open door, two women, clearly mother and daughter, were seated.

Civilians, or at least they looked like it. In a comfortable civilian house, held by an Imperial ally. I never really thought of Imps as having civilians who weren't conquered and forcibly held. Civilians, I thought, and wondered whether there was really any such thing among Imps.

Both women stood and backed away from the door a bit when I entered. "Stay back," said the older woman in a commanding voice. "Who are you? What do you want from us?"

I signaled for Dorne and Jorgan to flank the door while I took a few steps in.

"Is this what real Organa soldiers look like, Mum?" said the younger woman, her voice soft and sweet. "How fierce!"

No weapons in sight. Habit of courtesy took over. "Ma'am. Miss." I nodded to each in turn. "I apologize for the abrupt entrance. My name's Lieutenant Savins. I'm here on behalf of your–" I settled on addressing the mother – "husband. He's currently in Republic custody; in the interest of keeping you safe from the Empire's notion of cleanup, I'm to escort you to him. Any questions?"

The older woman scowled. "You charge into our home, bristling with weaponry, and expect us to believe you mean no harm? What are you going to do to us?" For all her indignation, she let slip a hint of fear in that last question.

"I'm going to escort you to safety, to your husband. He said to bring the password 'Tyrovan'."

The anger vanished, replaced by a mix of relief and almost-tears. "The code word. Markus…he's still alive."

The younger woman leaned forward. "We have to go to him, mum."

Her mother shook her head sharply. "We have to think this through, Valyn. If we're spotted we'll be marked as enemies of both Thul and the Empire."

The best kind of enemies to have, in my opinion. "With respect, ma'am, I'm not making a request." I gave her a moment to let that sink in. "We will get you out safe. Keep your faces hidden, you'll be with your husband soon."

"Don't mope, mum," said the younger woman, "this is going to be so exciting! Let's go!"
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03.28.2013 , 09:49 AM | #63
One of my favorite quests on Alderaan, and yet so annoying to fight through the mobs all the way up the top of the mountain. Continue!

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04.07.2013 , 03:07 PM | #64
28. Bringing Them Home

'Exciting' wasn't the word I would pick, but Miss Valyn Thul was downright thrilled with the relocation to House Organa. It was better than the other possible reactions, I guess.

She sat across from me in the little ground transport and she chattered. "Sneaking out in these disguises was so exciting!" she said, tugging at the unmarked hooded cloaks we had brought for them. "Just like in a story. Do you think anyone saw us?"

She paused, clearly expecting a response.

"Let's hope not," I said.

"But of course you would hope that, you're the ones kidnapping us. Are we going to be prisoners?"

Effectively, yes. "You'll have to stay in protective custody until things with your father are sorted out. You'll be a lot safer with us than with the Imps."

"If the Empire tries anything you're going to hold us hostage, isn't that so?"

"I hope it won't come to that, miss."

Her mother stirred. "Do remember yourself, Valyn," she said. "These people are the enemy."

I was sort of grateful for the effort to quiet the girl down. And sort of annoyed about the reasoning. "Your husband is helping us now, ma'am, it's better if we're all polite about it." Blunt? Maybe, but with Valyn's chattering I wasn't in the best mood.

"You may be able to snatch two unarmed civilian women from their homes, but you will find that the rest of House Thul is not easily cowed," said the older woman. She kept on glaring at me. She was expecting a response, too.

Valyn jumped in instead. "But really, the Republic forces must be quite something, Mum. Just look what they sent to take us!" She turned to me. "The scars on your face. They're from a battle, aren't they? Was it here on Alderaan?"

"No, miss, it wasn't."

"Have you fought on many planets? The Republic must be putting their tricks on all sorts of worlds to try to take over."

"That's a skewed way of looking at it, miss."

"Of course. I suppose some people must call it a rescue. Isn't that exciting?"

I didn't give her an answer.

She looked around the transport's cabin, then back at me. "You know, you would be quite handsome if it weren't for your scars."

I didn't give her an answer.

“Did you get them fighting Imperials? You must have.” She only paused a moment, which saved her the earful I was just about ready to give. “I suppose that's the dreadful thing about war. Won't it be nice to have things settled again?"

I was glad Jorgan was driving and the cab was noisy enough that he might not be hearing this. Dorne kept her eyes fixed on the floor "Yes," I said. It'd be nice to have things settled with me far away from here. "It will."


Finally we reached House Organa. Captain Cormac was called up, and never have I been gladder to hand off a problem. "Captain, can you work with the Organas to make arrangements for these two?"

"Absolutely, Lieutenant. If you want to talk to Thul, now's your chance."

"Got it." I escorted the two women into the cell block.

They'd fixed up his face so he only looked a little bruised. That stark dignity showed through stronger than ever.

"Markus!" The older woman ran to hug him; Valyn wasn't far behind. Thul wrapped his arms around both of them for a long moment. I couldn’t help but notice we still hadn’t gotten him any attention for the beating our people had given him; my dislike for Imperials was struggling against the dislike of anyone having to come home – or go out – to see their loved ones like that. Again, Imperial civilian involvement: kind of new.

"Altana,” Markus said from the middle of that ongoing hug. “Valyn. I'm sorry to have put you through all of this. Was your journey a safe one? Are you injured?

Altana answered. “We are uninjured, husband. This beast you sent for us – “she pointed my way – “was more savage than those we encountered along the way.”

Gee, and I hadn’t even been trying.

“Don’t be such a crank, Mum,” bubbled the daughter. “This really was the most exciting adventure of our lives, Father – thank you!”

Her father gave her a look that was deeply affectionate under the bruises. “I’m just glad you’re safe.”

He let them go then, and sobered, and turned to me. “You have carried out your end of the agreement. With Altana and Valyn safe, I can tell you everything you wish to know.”

The relief on Altana’s face vanished. “Markus!”

Our house is no longer ours, dear. It is a puppet, and nothing more. The two of you are my only concern now.”

Just then Captain Cormac got back with someone to escort the Thul ladies away. So Markus sat down with Havoc Squad to talk.
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04.07.2013 , 03:09 PM | #65
Chapter 29: Hovering Hosts

Thul did cooperate after that. He knew Gearbox was involved in deployment and testing of some series of artillery emplacements, even if I had to do a hefty amount of footwork to even begin locating them.

So I got back from a day of that and was a little surprised to find a small slight nobleman glaring daggers at Captain Cormac.

"Problem?" I said as I approached.

"No, sir," said Cormac. "I was just explaining to our host here that Havoc Squad has been involved in several critical engagements winning victories for House Organa, and being very helpful about it."

"I see," I lied.

"Ahem." The nobleman tried to stare down his nose at me. He had to lean pretty far back to do it. "Allow me to extend the fondest gratitude of our noble House of Organa for your heroic assistance, Lieutenant. I am Pallos Thessius Organa, first nephew to his highness, the great duke of Organa. It is an honor to make your acquaintance."

Quite the declaration. "Lieutenant Savins. It's good to meet you, too, sir."

"Uh, yes. Well, indeed." He looked like he had some indignation left over and wasn't sure what to do with it. "I am told that you have spent some time in the company of a prisoner, detained herein. One Markus Thul. The man is of no small consequence to our house, as you may well be aware. What is your interest in him?"

"Unfortunately I can't discuss those details, sir."

He scowled. "Surely you're joking. Lieutenant, I'm certain you would agree that my family has a right to know what transpires in our home. Markus Thul is telling you secrets, which I deeply suspect he would not do without promise of recompense."

"With apologies, I can't go into detail with uncleared personnel. Any uncleared personnel."

He went for a different tack. "Your mistrust saddens me. Are we not allies? Can we not confide in one another?"

I looked at him.

Pallos kept on scowling. "Well, I'm afraid the house business compels me elsewhere, so I must take my leave of you, Lieutenant. But let me make something clear: Markus Thul attempted to murder the head of our house. He will not be pardoned for his crime."

Fine by me. The only real concern about giving the Organas a shot at him was whether they would pull out what he knew about Gearbox and, by extension, Havoc Squad's defection. Would he hand them that from despair or spite once I gave him over?

It didn't matter. The Organas deserved a shot at him.

"He's not cutting a deal that takes him out of your hands," I told Pallos. "That's a promise."

"Ah. Yes, well." Again, the extra indignation seemed to leak away. "Very good, then. Carry on, Lieutenant."
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05.22.2013 , 09:39 PM | #66
Love the story and can't wait for more!

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06.05.2013 , 06:01 PM | #67
The Story and Lore forum directed me to this "fan fiction" concept just over a year ago. I've had a fantastic time sharing stories with all of you. I'm grateful for all the support and feedback and I'm especially grateful to everyone who participated in idea-bouncing, helping hatch ideas I'd never have come up with on my own.

That said, I've been slowly running down for a while from the old times of four posts a day and I feel I should formally close out some of my threads rather than leaving them hanging indefinitely.

There's a time for admitting when writer's block has gotten the best of you. My progress into Vierce's class story has stalled. The good news is, I streaked ahead in Vierce's story to follow his relationship with Elara, largely ignoring the class line, over in the Short Fic Challenge thread. I enclose a story-chronological list of links to those SFC entries, both the already crossposted to this thread and the SFC-only, here:

Vierce in the SFC
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LI. Allies (Post-Game)
LII. Family (Post-Game)
LIII. Grooming (Post-Game)
LIV. If I Were a Rich Man (Post-Game)
LV. Play Within a Play (Post-Game)
LVI. Rites of Passage: Proposal (Post-Game)

In addition to all this,a darker AU called Cross Faction splits off during Vierce's Balmorra. You can find the original posts in chronological order in kabe's index, or download a cleaned-up PDF edition here.
the Short Fic Weekly Challenge - 90+ authors to date. 2500+ stories. New prompts weekly!
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06.05.2013 , 06:07 PM | #68
And one last story on the cusp of acknowledging Elara as a person, and the galaxy as a big wonderful thing:

Chapter 30: Celestial

We had supper with Captain Cormac's people. They were all right. I spent the evening out alone on some paths running from House Organa's controlled grounds into the mountain woods. There's fresh air to be had on the planet, you just have to get out of earshot of all the people to find it.

Sergeant Dorne almost ran into me when I returned to the ship. She was on her way out with a lamp in one hand and her holo in the other.

She brought herself up short before impact. "Sir! There you are!"

"Uh, yeah," I said. "I was just out for some air. What's wrong?"

"You weren't responding on holo."

"You were calling?" I took out my holo. It looked perfectly ordinary. No missed messages, no nothing.

"Repeatedly, sir. I've never known you to fail to respond."

"No, it's just the holo was cutting out. No need to worry." Unless there was something on her side. I gestured for us both to get back inside and started walking. "Was there a problem?"

"You're usually in by this hour, sir. I was going to ask you to sign off on some paperwork."

I thought of the red sunset and the stars already out. "Paperwork? At this hour?"

"With the demands of the Organa defense we've fallen behind, sir."

"Nobody's asking you to put this stuff together on the night shift."

She brought me up to the table by the holo and pointed out a datapad. "I just need you to sign these seven, sir. The rest I'll have ready by morning…in addition to the Form ER-171 for a new holo."

I reached for the pad; she snatched her hand away to let me take it. "You let me finish this," I said. "That requisition stack, too, I'll be signing 'em anyway so it isn't much trouble to fill the rest."

"If you're sure…" She was looking at those requisitions like they were a prize garden plot I was about to ruin.

"Go on," I said. She really did need to get some concept of relaxation. "Go for a walk or something. It's gorgeous out there. You ever see the night sky from a Core World?"

"No, sir. Coruscant's night sky isn't visible in all the glare even if you do reach the surface of the city. I think the closest I've come was Taris."

"Yeah, I remember Taris had some good stars. Just about what my old home had. But Alderaan, here, we're practically in the middle of galaxy and there's not much ground light to compete. It's amazing out there. Take a look." I tipped my head toward the door. "Beats slaving over paperwork any day."

With that I tuned her out and got to work. Nice to have something practical to come back to after the endless blast of hot air that was Alderaanian nobility.


Elara stepped out of the spaceport and into the frost-limned openness of Alderaan at night. The Organa fortifications fell away down the mountainside before her, a dizzying fall from the brilliant arch of the sky. The night sky of a Core World didn't feel like night at all. It was quieter than usual on the ground, but the sky above was beyond awake, huge stars everywhere, swirls of light shifting like a slow stream running from forever to forever. As she watched she caught two or three bright objects moving visibly in the foreground, debris burning in the atmosphere.

She couldn't imagine what must have been going through Captain Savins' head when he invited her out here. He had sounded genuine, both in his familiar annoyance regarding paperwork and, unexpectedly, in the friendly way he had shooed her off. It hadn't sounded like his usual eagerness to be away from her. He had passed this way alone, no holo, no distractions, just him and the stars, and whatever it was he saw, he thought she should see it, too.

She couldn't ask her volatile commander why. Better not to think about it at all. Instead she stared at the brilliant, varicolored sea overhead, and for a time she didn't feel alone.
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