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An Angry Wrath

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03.27.2013 , 09:15 PM | #1
Because he gets angry sometimes too!

Port Nowhere, System Unknown
ATC 15

"See that Twi'lek? Bet she'd fetch a fine price on the market."

"Nah, man. She's armed and she looks dangerous. Leave that one alone."

"Nothing a little gas can't handle. 'sides, we need the creds."

Lord Talion glared at the two men from underneath his hood. A grizzled human male and a smooth-faced Devaronian were keeping eyes on Vette and he didn't appreciate it at all. He hated curious onlookers. They made him mad.

He struggled to keep his anger in check. They were talking about his Vette in a less-than-satisfactory manner. The human was planning to kidnap her and sell her into slavery, of all things. Although the Wrath was well-aware Vette could look after herself, he couldn't fight his protective instincts.

"She's so scrawny, too. Bet I could knock her out real quick. "

Vette smiled in Talion's direction. "Oh, look at that. She's smilin' too. Man, that's a helluva catch."

His friend, the ever-astute Devaronian, advised him. "Lay off of that, man. There are better targets in here."

The human persisted in his foolishness. "I'm in the mood for Twi'lek tonight. Let me rock, man."

Talion felt his rage grow. He hated slavers just as much as curious onlookers. Scum if there ever was any. He grabbed the human by the arm. "I suggest you listen to your friend here."

"Why? You got eyes on too? Sorry, bud. Saw her first."

Talion increased pressure on the man's arm, crushing bone under the weight of his grip. "Leave her alone. Now."

The man's pained screams attracted some onlookers. His Devaronian friend drew a blaster to Talion's head. "Let him go."

Vette walked up to the scene. "Tal, what's going on?"

"You might want to get ready to leave, Vette."

"Why...oh." She took a few steps back, hands on her blasters. The Devaronian persisted. "Let him go, friend. This won't end well for you."

Talion gave him a bloodthirsty smile. "You have no idea."

The cantina exploded with blaster fire. Patrons scrambled for cover behind tables and counters as he wreaked havoc with lightsaber and Force.

Port Nowhere was about to face his Wrath. And they weren't going to like it.

What do you think?
Darth Zumiya
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03.27.2013 , 09:31 PM | #2
Vette Hates Bar Fights

Port Nowhere, En Route to Republic Space
ATC 15

Vette felt her stomach lurch sideways as Port Nowhere jerked forward. She ducked behind the table that was her makeshift cover as a severed arm floated above her.

Vette hated bar fights with a strong passion, especially when someone else started them. They were always bloody, messy and painful, not to mention bad for her lekku.

She fired away with her two blasters, sending green bolts of energy in all directions. The cantina floor was already littered with cauterized limbs and smoking remnants of alien and human bodies. Talion was bouncing around, cutting down any poor sentient that so much as flinched in his direction. Blaster fire bounced off his body as if it were made of durasteel.

This is usually what happened whenever someone messed with her. No one ever knew that the "scrawny" blue Twi'lek was a girlfriend of the most powerful enforcer in the Empire. Vette sighed internally. To think she had signed on for this?

Any advancing bar patrons were cut down by her blaster. When in a bar fight, you never had time to identify friend or foe. It was usually a free-for-all anyway.

The chaos finally died downed when she heard what she thought was the sound of a lightsaber switching off. Cautiously, she peaked her head over the top of her cover table. Talion stood amidst a sea of bodies, nearly shaking with rage.

Calming him down was difficult. You never told a Sith Lord to calm down and expect to keep your head attached to your body. Vette planned how she would handle this as she stepped over corpses.

Only, she wouldn't be doing that. A posse of armored guards burst into the disheveled cantina.

"Tal...we can talk about this-"

Vette was cut off by the snap-hiss of a lightsaber and blaster fire. She groaned.

"Here we go again."
Darth Zumiya
The Keeper of Light Walker of Dreams