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Inquisitor 2.0 Class Theory Craft in a SWTOR Podcast

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Inquisitor 2.0 Class Theory Craft in a SWTOR Podcast

alekszander's Avatar

03.25.2013 , 10:02 PM | #1
Hello fellow SWTOR players and Sith Inquisitors.
I wanted to share an episode of the Infinite Empire Radio podcast dedicated to Inquisitor theory craft from 2.0 PTS. In this episode hosts cover the Darkness tanking, Lightning dps and both sorc and sin madness specs in great depth and there are some excellent tips to pick up for those getting ready for level 55. Corruption and Deception planned for later.

Infinite Empire Radio comes from the twisted minds in Tempest, an Empire side guild on Pot5 server. It is a project by a few guys from the guild made for fun and opinion instigation as well as spreading the word about our beloved SWTOR. You can find out more about tempest here:

I am not sure how to link an individual episode of the podcast (specifically the one about Inquisitors) so here is the link to the RSS feed and the facebook page which has link to episodes on iTunes. Episode you're (you may be) looking for is EPISODE 10 (part 2 of 2): Inquisitor 2.0 Class Theory Craft.

RSS: (this needs to be copied/pasted into an RSS reader.

Hope you like it, and more importantly i hope you find some useful tips and knowledge about the aforementioned Inquisitors talent trees. See you on the Dark Side!

warstory's Avatar

03.26.2013 , 04:31 PM | #2
listen to your podcast which is based around pve game.

when you did talk about pvp with lightning i didn't hear anything about interrupts, stuns, knockbacks to null your casts and how to counter it. truth be told if you want to shut down a lightning spec in pvp you can I have done it many times live and pts I have tested it. your theory crafts are based off of free cast which I will agree you can put up numbers if you are ALLOWED to free cast.

very much like the darkness break down I play that spec also would have like to hear a pvp breakdown that guy was on point with alot of his stuff.

good show
"Surely you know I could kill you just as easily with my lightsaber as I could with the force "

alekszander's Avatar

03.26.2013 , 07:48 PM | #3
Thank you sir, glad you enjoyed it and VERY much appreciate the feedback.
Yes most of our theory craft is going to be PvE based. only PvP we do as a guild is a side activity which could be a glaring omission as far as the podcast is concerned. Of course podcast is VERY young, and as i said above i really appreciate the feedback, but we are starting to invite actual players who are contributing members of the SWTOR community (starting next episode) and will most certainly try to pull some PvP-ers in order to widen the scope of theory craft we can do. Cheers!