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Scoundrel PvE Endgame dps optimization

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Scoundrel PvE Endgame dps optimization

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03.05.2013 , 05:32 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Eternalnight View Post
If we are still talking about the current game, then accuracy is not what you should prioritize next after cunning.
In fact accuracy is your least important stat.

Currently (in 1.7) bosses or any pve mobs do not have any "defense" against tech attacks, but only against ranged (that are by ability type defined as ranged) attacks

Tech attacks have 100% base accuracy and accuracy over 100% reduces the targets resist chance, but since all pve mobs currently have 0 resist chance, accuracy does not benefit tech attacks at all. Since like 99% of your dps will be tech attacks accuracy is nearly useless. (Note: This will change in 2.0 when PvE enemies will have resistance and accuracy does become useful and important for all classes)

The defense chance of bosses applies only against ranged attacks.
So the only attacks that scoundrel has that can be dodged by the bosses defense chance are Flurry of Bolts, Charged Burst, Quick Shot and Blaster Volley.
Furthermore, the only one attack that can miss even on targets without defense is Flurry of Bolts.
Quick Shot and Charged Burst are not even part of your normal attack rotation at all, and Blaster Volley is very situational, so it really comes down to benefitting your Flurry of Bolts only.

So you really should be prioritizing getting other stats up (mainly Surge which is the one that occupies same itemization slots as accuracy) before you put any accuracy at all in your gear.

And as said, this is as it is now, accuracy is almost useless.

Of course this will change in 2.0. Then accuracy will actually be the most important secondary stat for all dps, but even then you don't want 110% ranged accuracy.

You will want 100% ranged (basic attack) accuracy, which will be 110% special attack and 110% tech accuracy.
(note that special attack is not the same thing as tech attack, but even your ranged attacks except one are special attacks with 100% base accuracy too, and Flurry of Bolts is the only basic attack with 90% base accuracy)
Going beyond 100% ranged basic attack accuracy, will not benefit any other abilities except Flurry of Bolts
This ^^.

As game is now (1.7), accuracy and alacrity are both completely worthless for scrapper spec. Every ability can't miss and has no cast time. I stacked crti rating till about 400, then just slammed the power on all the way. For what it's worth, unstimmed but buffed, in about 1/2 61 and 1/2 63, I can hit around 1600-1700 dps on a 5 minutes parse. With a stim and the rest of my gear in 63's I am guessing I would hit around 1800.

2.0 will change how you optimize the end game scrapper so drastically that I don't think you should even attempt to optimize until 2.0 comes out. That is just my opinion of course.

The one upshot to this lack of accuracy/alacrity on the current config means you are geared perfectly well to be an excellent healer as well!. Just respec your points, arrange your bars, and 20 seconds later you are a healer.