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How can I kill a pyrotech?

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03.01.2013 , 08:34 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Luckeyduckey View Post
Respecc lethality, then use this:

Sleepdart (If breaks, flash bang) apply dots and Hemorrhaging Blast (Only works in 2.0, when dots don't break CCs), Cast Flyby, Vanish, get behind him, and when the first tick of FFlyby hits, hit him with Shoot first, Blaster Whip, then Wounding Shots him twice. You can dirty kick him if he doesn't have full resolve. This opener should be more than enough of a lead, if it doesn't kill him.

This also works for Scrapper, just don't apply dots.
Sleepdart, Flyby, Restealth, FR, Shootfirst on tick of Flyby. Then Vital Shot + Sabotage Grenade, Sucker Punch, Backblast + SF. Throw in dirty kick if he isn't full resolve, or the root to keep him in the Flyby. This should smoke the Pyrotech.
I rarely find (good) Pyro's alone and out of combat, thus in a position to use sleepdart/tranq dart. So that first step usually isn't on the cards. This then makes the second part, opening with Flyby, more challenging as most people walk out of the range of that even before the first tick hits.

However, with patch 2.0 and the Alacrity changes, getting off Flyby might be easier, as with a faster cast time, people might not manage to walk fully out of it's radius before the first tick hits. Hopefully.....