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Blue Screen of Death

Snowmaniac's Avatar

02.22.2013 , 08:52 PM | #1
Hi, haven't jumped on SWTOR for awhile now and wanted to update it today and play, but as soon as I started updating from the launcher I got the blue screen of death . I have been trying to solve this problem all day and right when I think I have fixed it, it happens again. I dont have anything special on my computer, just games.... no special gadgets or add-ons..... the game is also compatible with my computer. I had no problems until I tried updating the game, the only thing that happened was that I didn't turn my computer on for 4 days, and now everytime I try updating windows or anything I get the blue screen of death.

I get STOP: 0x0000001A (0x0000000000041790, 0xFFFFFA80004A0E80, 0x000000000000FFFF, x0000000000000000)

Please!!! any help would be much appreciated I want to play again!

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02.27.2013 , 04:12 PM | #2
Ah oh well.... no help for me i guess.... I'm cancelling my subscription because I cant play anymore, in fact I cant play any games that I have lol.... thanks swtor!

I'm going to get new ram stickls and see if that fixes it.
thx for nothing \\//