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DPS Sage

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02.15.2013 , 12:28 PM | #1

Come make me feel better about it..

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02.15.2013 , 12:38 PM | #2
Pretty sure they aren't. I play Sorc DPS alot and I'm more than happy with my DPS. Sure I can't do huge burst but I welcome 1.2k crit hits Force Lightning with open arms.

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02.15.2013 , 12:40 PM | #3
i play Madness Sorcerer and I'm happy with the damage. Its not the best, thats common knowledge. But I like it and thats the most important thing
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02.15.2013 , 12:52 PM | #4
Actually I spec to hybrid DPS sage and often do pretty damn good damage. Of course, it's nothing compared to a good sentinel or vanguard. But I'm in full dread guard gear with all best in slot mods and enhancements. Healing is my main role, but I've cleared some of the hardest content in DPS spec as well(AKA TfB HM, EC HM, etc). I think playing this spec is more about skill than gear though. Not just knowing your rotation but being aware of your surroundings, position, etc and being able to keep constantly outputting that damage. I notice that I do double or even triple the amount damage than other DPS sages that I team with. I guess some people just can't get a handle of the spec?

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02.20.2013 , 03:03 PM | #5
there is nothing in the game that a sorc's DPS cannot meet the threshold for. if it's dead, it's thorugh your actions, not the class.

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02.22.2013 , 07:21 AM | #6
Quote: Originally Posted by MoveTheRanks View Post

Come make me feel better about it..
You can hit 300-400k in normals quite often in balance spec. You can get 500-600 if you do lot of DoTs in longer warzone, especially in Voidstar. I have seen a few weeks ago a dps sage with 1,1 million damage in rated in Civil War and I believe he was balance spec since he was lifting our healer a lot and I think I saw FiB several times.

For those who would like to increase dps as sage, here are some tips that might help you out:

1.) Telekinetic Throw, Mind Crush, Disturbance and Project do Kinetic damage. This type of damage is subject ot armor reduction hence you'll do less damage on heavy armor user than on light armor.
What does it mean:
If you have multiple targets and want to use one of the above mentioned abililties choose a class with lighter armor.

2.) Force in Balance, Weaken Mind, Sever Force are not subject to armor reduction and so they do same damage regardless if enemy is wearing light or heavy armor.
What does it mean:
These abilities are good for wearing down heavy armor users.

3.) Force in Balance gives a debuff on enemy.
What does it mean:
When using Force in Balance, check out what targets were affected by debuff and DoT them immediatelly. They'll take more damage. Weaken mind and Sever force are very good choices for this.

4.) Sages can remove your DoT's.
What does it mean:
Good sages will remove your DoTs. Especially when they see multiple on them. It's often a waste of your time and damage potential to DoT a sage and run away. If you have to DoT him, make sure you finish the job - apply pressure so that he will be hard pressed to remove. This is not efficieant if you want to get high dps however. You can probably get away with Weaken Mind DoT and leaving him. Especiall Mind Crush has a telltale sound effect.

5.) Some classes can be more resistant to DoTs.
What does it mean:
If you see enemy is constantly taking less damage form your DoTs make him a low priority.

6.) You can't win some fights
What does it mean:
Attacking a Powertech is a very bad idea (suicidal). He has every advantage. You can win if you are exeptional and/or he's bad (Plus you need all your CDs). You are screwed otherwise. Avoid 1v1 with them at all costs.
Shadows eat you in a similar manner. Avoid if possible.

7.) Keep your distance and positioning.
What does it mean:
If you charge to meelee you'll get pummeled, you'll have to pop your defensive cds, try to get away and very likely die. Dps wise this is a very bad habit. Always be in the distance, preferably in an hard to reach position (next to an obstacle like pillar, on a balcony...). You'll be able to actually dps and not trying to survive. This is one of the major keys to high dps.

8.) LoS
What does it mean:
As above with the emphasis to the fact that you can do a lot of DoT damage. You are not a gunslinger who wants to stand in the open and have a shootout with everybody. You are not a meelee bruiser. You are cowardly chicken that DoT's enemies, slows them and plays hide-and-seek if they engage you. The more you run, the better your dps will be. The less attacks on you, the better your dps. Your best defense is to make enemy think you are not worth pursuing. Not very glorious but if you spend most of your time trying to avoid dying your dps will suck and enemy will farm you for damage.

9.) DoT healthy enemies
What does it mean:
DoT-ing and enemy that is about to die is a waste. It will tick once, maybe twice and you have done a glorious 300 dmage tick on him with the rest wasted. Use direct damage insted. Project or Telekinetic Throw. A Project can easily do 3000 damage. DoT healthy enemies that will eat your whole DoT. If they die before the DoT is over you are wasting you dps.

A short list
Marauders: Hard fights, but mostly winnable in 1 on 1. Escapable in 2 on 1 with cds. You'll have to use your cd, they have reduction abilities. Waste of your dps and time to get into meelee fight with them. Discourage them by roots, slows, stuns from pursuing, get your distance and attack later on. This will usually work as they'll seek an easier pray. Check if they are combat (yellow icon on his buffs) or Smasher (Blue icon on his buffs). If he's a smasher make sure to keep your distance from yout teammates. Smashers like to smash more enemies, smashing you alone is a waste. Especially when you are slippery. These will usually cease pursuit very soon. Make sure to remove their DoT immediatelly. If he's combat you'll have hard time as they love to engage sages. You are their meal of choice. Try to flee them first. If it doesn't work DoT them, keep your distance, LoS them. If you make yourself hard enough to kill they'll probabaly just leave (unless they like challenge, then you'll have a stalker for the rest of the warzone). Watchman are rare, do the same as with Combat.
Guardians: Tanks. Ideal for DoTing them them with Weaken mind, Sever Force or maybe a hit with Force in Balance. Don't try to kill them unless you have to, it's a waste of your time. Remember they mitigate kinetic damage. On the other hand, they'll probably last a long time so keep the DoTs ticking on them. Vigilance is a nightmare. Avoid. Con't cc after they jump you - this goes for any hybrid with Unremitting. DoT and stay away. Smashers: These are much harder to deal with than senti smashers as they have Force Push You can do very little about it and will be eaten by their combo without any real chance to retaliate unless you have your cds up (especailly breaker). If you avoid teammatesa and make yourself scarce, they'll probably jump your four clustered teammates than waste the smash on you.
Scoundrels: Healers - DoT them, they can't cleanse it, they have medium armor so kinetic attacks are mitigated (not so heavily though). Truying to kill them will be impossible if they know how to play and can LoS. So DoT them and find a better target. Scrapper: DoT them, have your way with them just keep in mind they'll probably come for revenge - in stealth, from back and when you are under 50% health and without force and cds. A very revengeful lot. :-) Dirty fighter: Extremely uncommon. DoT them, LoS them you can heal more than they can.
Gunslinger: I am not familiar with specs but: Never try to fight any of them in open. They'll kill you. You can Win against direct damage snipers by DoTting them, LoSsing them and keeping your distance - don't let them get to you or you'll be cced to inevitable death. They'll come next to you, set their cover in front of you, cc you shoot you for 6k and finish you. Every time the same story. DoT spec: Their DoT's are better than yours. Just DoT them, slow them and get away. You can't remove their DoTs, they can't remove yours, but they win.
Vanguard: Assault: Avoid. The game is set in a way that the only thing you can do is get away if you are lucky. They have 2 cces, harpoon, a spammable attack that slows you, DoTs you and procs another attack that can hit for 6k. They have heavy armor, Shield that removes movement impairing effects. Their DoT is uncleansable. If they start with Assault Plastic and the other bomb and time it right everything will explode at once. With a bit of luck: 4k from plastic, 2k from other bomb, 2k from Ion (+slow and DoT) and 6 high impact both with a chance to proc another one with next Ion/Stockstike. So we are talking 14k damage AT ONCE plus DoTs and unremovable slow on you. They have the ultimate burst, you can't deal wih 14k drop in one gcd (with another 6k waiting just around corner). Period. Tanks: Same as guardians, keep DoTs up and forget.
Sages: Good ones will cleanse your DoTs. you might try to put some on them to see if they actually bother to remove them. They (we) have light armor so we are a nice target even for kinetic based spells. When against a good sage, you'll proabably be able to put up DoTs, Make some hard attacks before they LoS you, remove DoTs and heal up. Healers are very hard to kill. Telekinetics: Lossing them is the key. You can cleanse each other's abilities but you can throw FiB around the corner, Sever Force them, LoS and very importantly - they are much more vulnerable to interrupts than you are. Use this to your advantage and you should win any fight agaist telekinetics sage. Balance: Mirror spec. Good luck. Beter skill wins.