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PoM proc based on chance... ...still

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PoM proc based on chance... ...still

Ed-ward's Avatar

02.22.2013 , 05:09 AM | #1
I am not sure why BW is obsessed by set percentage change of procs. I think it would be very interesting if procs were based on charges. As I have been recently playing balance spec 30% chance to proc Presence of Mind is sometimes tricky - especially considering the fact that while I try to to proc it and was unlucky in three successive Telekinetic Throws other abilities finished their cd and so I wasted my time trying to proc Presence of Mind.
A parallell is if Smashers would have 30% chance per Slash to proc a stack of singularity. I know that it would be another thing to watch for but it would also help plan ahead, set up burst and play more tactically than just popping the cds based on priority system - what just popped.

Or at least base them on crit chance so that we might benefit from a high crit. :-) Optimal crit is 30% unfuffed anyway.