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Movement delay/lag issues yet again...

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Movement delay/lag issues yet again...

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02.13.2013 , 06:21 PM | #1
Okay, I'm running a high-end rig with an AMD 8-core processor, 8 gigs of patriot RAM, and a NVIDIA 660Ti 2-in-1 3GB graphics card...and that's just to name a FEW toys i have on this thing. Somehow with all these really, REALLY nice things i have, I also still have movement lag issues. I am using a Razer Nostromo for primary movement and quickbar access, and a Logitech G700 High Perf. Gaming Mouse. Neither of these devices have had any problems on ANY games. Not even swtor. Until recently. Out of about every 10 movement commands I input, about 4 or 5 do one of the following:
1. No immediate response (causing me to let go by reflex) followed by an exaggeratedly long movement in the specified direction, which is at best unpredictable.
2. When in motion, upon release of one direction and the pressing of another: No immediate response (in this case causing me to try several different inputs in vain, by reflex) and my character continues moving in the last direction inputted, followed by a series of direction changes, no doubt the ones i jammed in in panic, at which point I resign myself to just sitting back and watching my companion get slaughtered while my character runs around like a lunatic (and eventually dies).

These problems are not consistent either. Sometimes I go a whole half an hour to an hour without incident. My FPS of course is flawless, as is my ping which, at worst, barely exceeds 100. Populations don't seem to make a difference, nor does lowering the graphics settings (any of and any combinations of them) nor does restarting the game or re-installing the game. I've checked all these forums and everyone else has ability input issues that I rarely have (except on very few occasions where they accompany the movement lag), or they are having similar movement issues precipitated by their computers' lack of ability to process/display the game (therefore causing FPS issues that hinder movement). It seems that the symptoms I am experiencing are somewhat unique as I can find no one reporting the exact same symptoms on an equally powerful rig. Any ideas are welcome, but please do not suggest anything I just mentioned above as I have already tried those solutions.

I also know that it is not a problem with any of my peripherals because they work just fine on every other game I play. I have seen people on mid-level rigs reporting similar but not identical issues, which leads me to believe this is a server lag issue. My internet connection is a dedicated, wired connection. I have a cable running into my modem that supplies the signal itself, and that modem is connected to my pc. Nothing else can pull from this connection as it has no wireless capability. Also to be noted is that this dedicated connection gets a 30MB signal.

So I see no reason I should be having these issues, at least not on my end. If it IS the servers I hope that Bioware fixes the issue soon. I have not been playing much lately because of these problems and their tendencies to get my character killed as I level from 45 to 50. I would like to be able to make level 50 on my first toon before the rise of the hutt cartel comes about, but if I cannot muster the patience to run to my corpse a hundred times a day then that won't happen and I will be one step closer to turning my back on this game for good.