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Ticket number 8097443

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02.12.2013 , 01:53 PM | #1
Hello Costumer Service.

I got this ticket number "8097443" from the phone call, but my phone service just closed my phone down while I was in the que because I didn't have the money for the rest of the call.

The issue is that I've been billed for five (5) of the packs with 1050 Cartel Coins. I tried several times to buy a single one but it kept telling me in big red letters that there was a error so I tried several times. But now it seems like the money did go through and I have paid for five (5) of the cartel coin packs instead of just one.

Can you please refund atleast four (4) of the Cartel Coin Packs back to my credit card? Since your hompage directly told me there was an error, but apparently there wasn't a error anyway since the money actually did go through. I would just like to get my money back for something which I should not have paid for in the very begining.

Thank you for your time.

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