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Ilum Class Story

Lord_Allen's Avatar

02.01.2013 , 12:33 PM | #1
Does anybody know for sure if we need to complete our Ilum class story before we could move on to the new planet??

my assassin once i hit 50 i stopped doing class mission on ilum and when the new planet comes out and i going to be required to finish it?

TUXs's Avatar

02.01.2013 , 12:34 PM | #2
I'd like to know this too. My Vanguard is only on Belsavis...
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Urael's Avatar

02.01.2013 , 12:44 PM | #3
There is "class story" on Illum?

I have only finished my IA and the story ended on a ship after doing class missions on Corellia. I don't recall being sent to Illum as part of my class mission.

I have a level 50 Inquisitor on Corellia but, I haven't finshed the class story.

I didn't think that there was any "class story" on Illum.

Rankyn's Avatar

02.01.2013 , 12:46 PM | #4
There's no "class story" on Ilum, only a "planet story"

Nobody knows, but it's unlikely.
Either way, you've got a couple of months to finish up.

Arlon_Nabarlly's Avatar

02.01.2013 , 01:12 PM | #5
I doubt it. As stated there is no "class story" there's a planet arc related to the dailies. It used to be that you couldn't do the dailies without doing the planet arc, but they removed that restriction some time ago I believe. I doubt you have to do it to get to BlackHole or Section X (if that's what you mean by next planet)

AlienEyeTX's Avatar

02.01.2013 , 01:21 PM | #6
My assassin worked up to and through Ilum. I don't think it is a class mission, but I've worked to the point that it wants me to complete Battle of Ilum as the objective. That's probably just planet story, though, and those can pretty much always be skipped.
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Keypek's Avatar

02.01.2013 , 01:30 PM | #7
As others have said it is the planet story. And you've never had to complete the planet story to move on to the next one on all the previous planets so guessing you don't have to with Ilum either. But of course that's assumption.
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