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[Proposal] ideas for BioWare/EA to save the game while making a fortune

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[Proposal] ideas for BioWare/EA to save the game while making a fortune

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02.01.2013 , 11:51 AM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by kevlarto View Post
I am with you, some folks did not read the latest investors meeting, and seen the money generated by micro transactions, from three EA games including the old repulic..
Do you have a possible link to that?
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02.01.2013 , 12:10 PM | #32
Quote: Originally Posted by Gereorth View Post
Do you have a possible link to that?
Look a couple of threads down and find the "EA pleased with SW:TORs FTP...". There are links inside to their quarterly statement.

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02.01.2013 , 12:15 PM | #33
Frankly none of the things mentioned is going to save the game. Adding more stuff to the Cartel Market, regardless of what it is, is not going to save the game.

Quote: Originally Posted by Gereorth View Post
Do you have a possible link to that?
"Extra content and free-to-play contributed $185 million, up 50% led by FIFA and Madden
Ultimate Team and Star Wars: The Old Republic. These revenues relate to businesses on
PC or consoles, where consumers pay for additional digital content -- including virtual
characters, map packs and micro-transactions associated with browser based games or
MMO’s – like Star Wars. As a reminder, on November 15th we launched our free-to-play
option for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Very early indications have been positive and we
are pleased with the initial results but it is too early to know how successful this will be in the
long term.",Future,Past
** Q3 prepared comments, "EA's Q3 non-GAAP digital net revenue"

Of course that doesn't mean that most of it is coming from SWTOR though, but I'm guessing it's probably between 30-50% of the total.

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02.01.2013 , 12:22 PM | #34
Quote: Originally Posted by Thylbanus View Post
If you introduce any of these facets, I'll drop my subscription.
Exactly. Number 5 especially.

I'm fine with them releasing cosmetic fluff and time savers in the market, but once that turns to quests and missions that separate subscribers from spenders, count me out.

However...I doubt we'll ever see that. "Fluff" stuff is easy and cheap to create, yet sells for massive amounts of $$$. Adding a quest wouldn't get them anything more on their investment. A quest would take 10X's as long to create and cost them far more than they could justify.

Right now, they sell recolored armor for $12...That work takes maybe 15-30min to recolor stuff. A quest is WEEKS of manpower...and in order to maintain their current margin, they'd need to sell them for $60+ with the added 'quest'...I just don't see that ever happening.
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