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Third Advanced Class Ideas

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Third Advanced Class Ideas

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01.29.2013 , 11:32 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Tenniswood View Post
As it stands right now I do not think it possible/ feasible to add additional fully voiced class in to the game. Instead I think it is probably best to include a third advanced class to each class in the game right now. I know there are threads like this now but here are just my ideas:

Sith warrior/Jedi knight-sith ravager/jedi duelist. Use a single bladed lightsaber and a focus. Wear medium armor. 3 dps trees. This class is a duelist and agile style class. Their trees revolve around fast pass, agile combat and use moves like ravage and master strike. One tree is heavy single target with stuns and burst, one is AoE DOTS and the third is the shared tree. Certain attacks give them a "combo buff" that stacks to three and certain attacks consume a number of the "combo buff" similar to tactical advantage.

Sith inquisitor/Jedi Consular -imperial guard/Republic Legionare. Wear heavy armor along with vibrostaffs, vibro poleaxes (new weapon) and double bladed light sabers. Have a tank tree and 2 dps trees. Rely more on armor rating than assassins and use a large amount of DoTs. Large number of carges with a "decapitation" type execute move. The tank tree would be similar to the jug. Near invincible but AoE oriented with little single target.

Bounty Hunter/ Trooper - Rocketeer/Demolitions Expert-BH wield pistol or rifle. Rely on delayed explosions similar to Explosive Dart, Thermal Detonator and the agent's explosive probe. Ability to stack explosives on the target and detonate them all at once. All three trees are damage. One single target, one Aoe and the shared tree. Gain a Missile Laucher type of attack that is key to the rotation.

Imperial Agent/Smuggler - Imperial Engineer/ Pirate or Beast master. Both use rifle or pistol. Pet type class. Engineer summons bots and turrets while The Smuggler summons beasts. Have a heal tree, a dps tree and the shared tree. Heal tree relies on summoning the machines/beasts to keep target alive. Dps tree relies on buffing the summoned pets. Key to the rotation is summoning a turret and turret like beast that can beup almost all the time (100% of the time with unique dps tree)

These are just my ideas. Curious about the communities opinion and would love to see some ideas from the community as well. Maybe help Bioware out if they need some inspiration.
for the warrior, you just described a marauder. Marauder's combine their strength with agility making them expert duelists.

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01.30.2013 , 05:43 AM | #12
A trooper dual wield ( pistols) would be super cool

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01.30.2013 , 08:11 AM | #13
for the IA/SM/BH/TP part now I want a force sensitive tree...
I mean... if they were to use the force... what kind of skills would they use?
maybe power them up to move faster, maybe add a little force juice to the atacks they do with the blaster...
for a smuggler, being able to use mind tricks would be just perfect...
May the Force Be With You!