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Unacceptable Customer Service.


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01.28.2013 , 09:25 PM | #1
EDIT: If you've had the same issue or an issue along similar lines I would greatly appreciate it if you bumped this thread. Hopefully we can get some kind of Non-Automated response if enough of us show that we care about the way we are being responded to and that the issues we are trying to address are not being handled.

EDIT -Updated-: So my issue seems to be fixed. Not quite sure what did it. Talked with customer support one last time. Finally some one incredibly helpful took up my issue. I spoke with the bank again, just to clear anything up that may have been a possible issue via the instructions given to me by the most recent and actually very helpful support agent. So clearly perseverance through and through to get an issue resolved is something needed. While I'm not happy with how long it took to get fixed it was fixed and I suppose that's a good sign. Also thank you to everyone who's posted responses to this thread.

I'm posting this thread to complain about the serious lack of customer service provided on SWTOR. Also, I'd like to say that while I myself have not had many issues with SWTOR service many members of my clan have and I've been a very large fan of Bioware games for as far back as Mass Effect. They produce great quality single player games and this is not an attack on those.

Where it all started:

I started having issues paying for cartel coins. So I figured I would call customer service and get it sorted out. It probably wouldn't be such a huge deal. This is where the problems began. I called the number provided on the customer support page Here ->

Shortly there after I found out that their Toll-Free Customer Support Number was closed down for unexplained reasons. So I did what most people these days do and google'd it to see if there were any changes. Sure enough the numbers had changed they just didn't have the decency to post an updated information page explaining that it had changed. This in itself is small and not really a huge deal. But wait there's more! Apparently it's also no longer Toll-Free. It's customer service for something we as subscribers already pay a Subscription fee for. A subscription fee that entitles us to play it as much as we want during the duration of that subscription. So having a subscription I should receive support without additional charges because customer support is for handling issues wrong with something the provider is charging us the consumer for.

Now: The above aside, I called the number anyway. Only to sit on hold for nearly an hour and a half with the automated message "We are experiencing a high volume of calls right now, Please stand by" message repeating itself to seemingly no end. Seems like a convenient way of charging people money no? It also seems like they might possibly be intentionally causing payment issues forcing people to call customer service to pay them money. But that's all speculation on my end due to the repeated problems I've read about on the forum before posting this thread as well as issues other members of my clan have.

So the dull now all to familiar automated voice finally stops and I have a support agent. I explain the problem. That I am unable to buy cartel coins or to change my subscription over to a new card. The card I want to buy cartel coins with, as well as subscribe works for everything else. I've probably used it on at least 4 other MMO's over the years as well as use it for more than one at the moment and it works fine. So I'm told that its some kind of issue on my banks end. So I get a Ticket number that should supposedly allow me to call back if my issue persists after speaking to my bank and get my issue delt with in a well handled reasonably quick manner...

So I figured O.K. I'll give it a shot and call my bank just to make sure everything's fine on their end. Sure enough my banks fine and they are claiming its on the other persons end. Now as I've said earlier I've never had any sort of issues paying with this card. EVER. So when I got a break from life and got the time to call back I do. I get put on hold for about 5 minutes (Better). I get a support agent who I try to give the ticket number to who interrupts me telling me that the support section for payments is closed. Closed. Customer support is closed? So I tell him that I had called earlier in the week and sat on hold for over an hour while being charged to get support and did not fully receive it. I just wanted my issue resolved right then. If they are going to let you stay on hold and wait for a prolonged duration only to receive an actual person saying "Supports closed" and then charge you for it they should at the very least remove the charge for the call. That's poor service. Anyway I insist that this issue should be able to be handled. I am paying for the call I want this issue handled. The last agent said it should be as simple as re-adding it once I've verified it was fine on my banks end and being a billing department support agent he should be able to do that.

But what happens next is what shocked me on the sheer level of unprofessional-ism. The support agent instead of giving me a straight answer simply says " Sir please hold ". Puts me onto hold then connects me intentionally to a message along the lines of " We are experiencing difficulty's with our customer service support department. Please use the online customer support center. We are sorry for any inconveniences this may cause. " or some such and then proceeded to hang up my call. He hung up on me. Charged me for a call then hung up on me. Heck you may as well reach into my pocket and grab the money out of it then try and run away with it. I called back just to be sure I wasn't over reacting. Sure enough there are NO issues with their phone service. The Support Agent intentionally disconnected me.

Now I'm sorry but is his time to precious to solve and issue that's solved by his department? Am I the customer who is paying money for a service I'm not being provided in the wrong to ask why it isn't? Heck I'd even go so far as to ask do they hang up on people calling for help regularly? It just seems incredibly unprofessional. Simple answer I would say is - No, No, Maybe.

Lastly I called back in one last apparently vein attempt to get the issue resolved. I asked to speak with the manager. I was told there was none. I asked so you don't have a manager for the customer support or billing department division? The customer support technical agent on the other end of the phone responded in an incredibly clear "Not available" to which I responded not available or non-existent to which the support agent responded " I do not understand ". So apparently there is no management for the SWTOR customer support team. It's no wonder things have become such a mess. A game with no managers managing the departments. This is just down right bad. How do they even run the game without getting closed down without any infrastructure. I won't claim to know whats required to keep a product and MMO from being shut down but apparent ADMITTED non-existence of managers would sort of seem like something that would be pretty huge.

As some one who Pre-Ordered this game months before it's release. Participated in multiple beta phases I am utterly disgusted at the treatment of us. The customers of your product.

I as I'm sure many others would like a simple straight forward explanation at this clear lack of properly provided support. And not by one of the oh so heavily over used automated system bots you so clearly use to avoid addressing peoples meaningful issues. I can safely say that lack of such a response will cause me to permanently end my subscription to this game as well as avoid any and every other product ever produced by this company.

Your subscription rates are dropping.
Your players are quitting.
You've resulted to Free-to-play.
Your customer service already had much being lacked.
You've begun to turn your backs on the few ultra loyal subscribers you have.
Now your not even addressing the issues at hand.

SWTOR has such potential. It's such a great game. I've spent many hours enjoying it to the fullest extent. To bad it's being squandered by something as simple as customer service.

I believe you all at SWTOR customer service should take some advice from a very old and wise friend of yours.

Do or do not. There is no try.
- Master Yoda to Luke Skywalker upon Luke failing to do what he should have been able to do.

-Zhroud signing off.
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01.28.2013 , 09:46 PM | #2
I like you preordered months in advance and beta tested, I agree also that its a great game that i have enjoyed very much. But mostly I agree that customer service is killing this game. At thye moment Biowares attitude stinks and their treatment of loyal paying customers is diabolical. I myself have had a few issues which they have failed to address in any way satisfactoraly and am leaning towards quitting the game and avoiding Bioware and EA completely in the future.

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01.29.2013 , 05:01 AM | #3
Customer support is a known main weakness (along with the bugs) and I entirely agree is contributing significantly to the current poor state of the game.

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01.29.2013 , 05:23 AM | #4
I totally agree.

They should put some more resources available to customer service and give their employee's at least some basic training.

If you'd put a bunch of 18 year old trainee's in charge of customer server it would be done in a more professional, quick and on a more acceptable way already....

My scores for swtor:

Storyline 5/5
Gameplay mechanics 4/5
Bug solving 1/5
Forum help 1/5
telephone help 1/5
ingame help 1/5

Things are better good copied than bad invented:
So i Hate to say it, but swtor should take a look at the customer service in for example wow... and copy/learn from their:
- personal assistance
- speed in responce of tickets/help etc.
- Telephone center
- Bug solving
- Fighting hackers

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01.29.2013 , 05:35 AM | #5
Why is there not an option to contact customer support via email?,or is there?.I havent noticed such thing,and i really am not paying silly charhges for calls abroad to get my account problems solved.Ingame tickets are a waste of time since the most common answer is an automated response..

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01.29.2013 , 06:20 AM | #6
Quote: Originally Posted by Lepernaut View Post
Why is there not an option to contact customer support via email?,or is there?.I havent noticed such thing,and i really am not paying silly charhges for calls abroad to get my account problems solved.Ingame tickets are a waste of time since the most common answer is an automated response..
I either submit tickets in game or use the for here to contact the via email, and usually get a quick response, so yes there is the ability to contact them via email.
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01.29.2013 , 06:36 AM | #7
The response time for in-game ticket is lacking at best. It tend to take 2 weeks to get a response, and generally the response is not helpful.

WHen the issue of missing schematics was occurring the first part of December I submitted a ticket. I received a response 2 weeks after the patch fixed the issue and the CR that answered the ticket stated he could find no problems with my reshear/schematics in the logs. The resonse came 3 weeks after the issue was reported.

With this Cartle Coin issue, I have submitted a ticket and no one has of yet responded to it.

Bioware needs to remember "Keep the Customer happy, especially the paying ones."

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01.29.2013 , 06:44 AM | #8
Quote: Originally Posted by DeanHead View Post
With this Cartle Coin issue, I have submitted a ticket and no one has of yet responded to it.
Fix for the cartel coins issue is 3-6 days away

Quote: Originally Posted by Beesodd View Post
Hi again,

Just to update players, this is a known issue that we are working to fix. For players who are still waiting on their coins, there is an incoming fix with a current ETA of 3-6 days.

Latest update:

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01.29.2013 , 07:25 AM | #9
Not buying it. I've read horror story after horror story about customer service ranging from this to five hour waits on the phone for them, yet I've never experienced any of it, nor has anyone that I know in game.

I've had no less then 18 tickets submitted, and two character restorations. All except the space missions (a known issue that had already been escalated and is now fixed) were resolved within 24 hours. One character restoration was done in 6 hours, on a Saturday, the other in four hours in the early AM.

I just had an issue with my cartel coins and could not log onto the boards. I called customer service expecting a nightmare. The number listed was valid and went right through. Call was picked up within a minute. Ten minutes of going through my account with the line employee and it was escalated. Two minutes on hold, and then 5 minutes with a very pleasant CSR and my coins were put into my account. Problem solved in less then 20 minutes.

Tickets are taking a bit longer to answer now, and I'm not sure what this guy's issue is, beyond calling when the system was down. The number they have listed is correct. My call went right through. There is no charge for the call (it says so right on the help page). All that can be verified quite easily.
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01.29.2013 , 07:30 AM | #10
Quote: Originally Posted by Baalie View Post
I either submit tickets in game or use the for here to contact the via email, and usually get a quick response, so yes there is the ability to contact them via email.
From my experience there's almost no point in contacting them via email, all you're going to get is an automated reply telling you that the problem is on your end, not theirs.

Been a loyal subscriber since March last year but I've almost given up now, just waiting for the new Elder Scrolls Online game and hoping that they would do what EA-inspired Bioware failed to do with an established franchise.
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