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When/Where is the C2-N2 Droid Customization fix?

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When/Where is the C2-N2 Droid Customization fix?

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01.29.2013 , 02:36 AM | #1
Okay, the Blockade Pack has been out for awhile and we just seen that people can finally put the Blue-Cyan and Red-Orange Crystals from the later packs on the Galactic Trade Market.

But what of the problem with the bound Crash-Test Customizations for Imperial and Republic sides? I've got two Imperial versions on a Republic character that I cannot send over to my Imperial alts. I can't sell them either, but that's a minor concern. And heck, I am pretty sure I can't mail these to other alts on the same side (If one Imperial character gets it but I feel it fits more with another Imperial character I have on the same account).

Maybe you should just make these items "Legacy Bound" instead of BoP (Well perhaps, BoP-Leagcy Bound"). Time to fix this and I know you guys have other such droid customizations coming in the near future if is to be believed.