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Anyone else having lag issues? 1/13/13 The Harbinger server

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Anyone else having lag issues? 1/13/13 The Harbinger server

Rocketmanballs's Avatar

01.13.2013 , 09:12 PM | #1
My connection keeps going into the red on The Harbinger server. My internet connection is fine. confirmed 25mbps download and 4mbps upload. All that server merging? Looks like I picked the wrong time to resubscribe

DeludedAussie's Avatar

01.13.2013 , 09:38 PM | #2
When isnt the harbinger having issues? Its the one server they badly need to take offline for a day or two and just fix it.

Sinnfein_Winters's Avatar

01.16.2013 , 02:51 PM | #3
Yeah, before F2P started it wasn't bad, but after the holidays its been really bad and its starting to get really annoying. At first I thought it just might be my graphics card, but its working just fine on everything else. They just need to get a new server for us and take the current one offline and transfer all our characters to a new higher capacity server and scrap the one that they are using for us now.
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goodcatgooddog's Avatar

01.23.2013 , 10:53 AM | #4
yes...this question have also occurs in me too ... this is server is too lag for me to play it ...almost 700-800ms so i couldnt play it well... and i just pay for my cartel market....


01.23.2013 , 04:55 PM | #5
I experienced heavy lag the first day I came back after several months away. I put in a ticket. the next day my ticket was closed without explanation and lag issues are non existent now... fixed.. not sure what changed but Im not complaining :P
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LeMage's Avatar

01.24.2013 , 08:34 AM | #6
Best I get is ~96ms its often down past 800ms and into 2000mSec sometimes. Even in space play these days it gets jerky. The friend I play often with is having issues playing on this server but no where else and her 'puter was a Christmas gift and has no noticable issues elsewhere. Speed test was 15.01mb/s dwn and 5.84mb/s up

MikeTheDuke's Avatar

01.24.2013 , 09:22 PM | #7
On the speed test it isn't about the speed. It is about how long it takes for the packet to get there and back. So look at the ping test. For me, I always get a ping of 200ms give or take but that is because of distance, the packet can't get there any faster under current means.

So look at the pings in speed test and it will say this is how quickly it will get there. Perform some trace routes to see where your packet is being routed to and the time it takes between each.

I am on Harbinger and I would get decent connections of about 180ms to 200ms. I do fine times when it goes up.
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Dahrein's Avatar

03.09.2013 , 06:48 PM | #8
I'm having continuous lag. Just in star wars. When logged out and I do a speed test I have 65 ping... When I log in and do the same test, only on star wars does this happen, I go up to almost 300 ping. When I log out and quit the game it returns to 60-70 ping. Anyone have an explanation? I would appreciate it.

OwenBrooks's Avatar

03.09.2013 , 07:12 PM | #9
1. Do a tracert to wherever (in the command prompt type: "tracert" without the quotes) and take note of the very first IP address, that should be your router.

2. Take that IP address and type again the command prompt without quotes: "ping -t whateveryourrouterIPis" and let it run.

3. Play your games, and when you start getting major packet loss, tab into the command prompt and see if you're getting timeouts or higher than 1-3ms pings to your router.

This will tell us whether or not your problem is on your end with your network card or router.

Lord_Sten's Avatar

03.10.2013 , 06:48 AM | #10
it's also happening on the PROGENITOR server.
I've checked my provider and there fine.
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