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The Adventures of the Gunslinging Granny!

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The Adventures of the Gunslinging Granny!

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01.22.2013 , 10:47 PM | #1
Across the Expanded Universe, a Star Wars Book Review Blog, is pleased to announce a new feature:

The Advantures of Gunslinging Granny. What happens when a 76-year-old decides to leave everything behind to pursue her dream of becoming a world-famous smuggler?

Read the first entry at

Here's an excerpt:

Well, hello there young fellar! My name is Dosi and Iím 76 years young. My husband, Papa Banting, and I spent many happy years on Parsons VI over in the Hood Sector, living in our cabin on the water. Well, he up and died a few years ago and I figured, what the heck? With Papa gone, whatís keepiní me here? So rather than go to the Home my ungrateful son picked out for me, I decided to become a starship captain. I looked around and got myself a little ship and took to the stars to start off my next stage of life!
This is me! Dosi, the Gunslinging Granny.

Now I donít consider myself political, but you canít read the morniní holo without knowing a thing or two about his cold war weíve got goiní with the Sith. I got myself a paying gig running guns for the Republic to Ord Mantell, where there has been some trouble with some oí the locals.
Read the rest at, and while you're there check out our growing selection of Star Wars book reviews.
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