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Are Weekly Warzone passes broken?

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Are Weekly Warzone passes broken?
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Majspuffen's Avatar

01.20.2013 , 07:00 AM | #1
Yesterday my account was changed from subscriber to preferred status. I've bought a couple of unlocks for two of my characters, and I had stacked up on some Weekly Warzone passes.

However, as I try to activate the Warzone passes, I get a big red text saying "You've already unlocked this on this character." It happens to both my characters. Screenshot:

I can only assume it's a bug, so I'm reporting it. If there is a workaround, I would appreciate it if you'd let me know.

Majspuffen's Avatar

01.21.2013 , 06:08 AM | #2

I checked the GTN and found two other Warzone passes. One was greyed out and one was not. I purchased the one that was not greyed out and it worked. I could use that one. But it was the same item?

Beesodd's Avatar

01.21.2013 , 06:11 AM | #3 This is the last staff post in this thread.  
Hi Majspuffen,

It's only the greyed out ones that have an issue at this time. If you have one, please create a ticket asking for it to be recreated.


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Majspuffen's Avatar

01.21.2013 , 06:29 AM | #4
I'm on preferred status, though, and can't create a ticket in game.

Did a work-around. My friend had bought a bunch of warzone passes himself, and they weren't grey. He's still subscribe so we traded ours, and he'll ask Bioware for the recreation. Cheers...

darthwretch's Avatar

03.21.2013 , 06:34 PM | #5
a guildie of mine had the same issues he wasnt able to do warzones at all aswell he whas able to do flashpoints but no loot!!! i had to buy an wz pass for him and an wz pass on the ingame market,im guessing i wont see te cartel coins or the 200k back from bioware for helping him being able to play again?? really great idear of bioware to dont let preffered players being able to contact them,as after all they still get the same service as subs! wich means none at all!
i know im trolling a bit still its the truth atm,sad as that may be,BIOWARE FIX THIS BUG AS LOADS OF PLAYERS HAVE THIS ISSUE!! PRETTY PLS??