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That might be grasping at straws....(TCW)

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That might be grasping at straws....(TCW)

Angedechu's Avatar

01.18.2013 , 07:58 PM | #1
...but the latest TCW episode feature a rather lovely Death Watch commando.

Working with Darth Maul (IE, a pawn of Sidious)

She is green eyed and a redheah. Ring a bell ?

Yes, I'm aware that there are likely billions of green eyed redhead females that could be the mother of another green eyed redhead girl that would be around 16-18 at the battle of Yavin.

YoshiRaphElan's Avatar

01.18.2013 , 10:47 PM | #2
What, you're suggesting Bo-Katan is Mara's mother? Unlikely, but...interesting.