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Space Mission daily quests

Brezlbub's Avatar

12.20.2011 , 12:42 PM | #1

Yesterday, i did all the space missions available for me (level 24). I got around 11k per quest. Today, i did them again (level 28) and all i got was around 2k.

So do you get those experience points only once or is it a bug? Or does the counter work for "real" hours (e.g. if you did it at 11:30 pm you can start them at 11:30 pm the next day)?

Because with the current situation it's just not worth it. 2k experience for 30 minutes for all the space missions.


Grimmas's Avatar

12.20.2011 , 02:33 PM | #2
You get experience twice - once for running the daily related to the mission and once for the mission itself. The daily is worth significantly more.

Mol-Fuun's Avatar

12.20.2011 , 04:13 PM | #3
When do these reset? I'm enjoying them quite a bit (especially as a nice alternative to grinding a level here or there do to moving to a new area).

Also, does anyone know if there is any effect for destroying all targetables (shields, engines, turrets) on frigates and destroyers? (Would be neat to watch it blow up and/or get some appreciable bonus xp or a title of some kind.)