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Repeatable space heroics are so messed up

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Repeatable space heroics are so messed up

MorgothPl's Avatar

01.16.2013 , 04:28 PM | #1
So, each of my character gets access to different missions. On my jugg, the only one repeatable space mission that shows at terminal is "Far Craddle Strike". However on my Sorceress, the two repeatable missions are "Chaa Rabba/Duma strike" combo along with single mission for "Chaa Rabba". But, she doesn't get access to "Far Craddle strike".

It's laughable, that 1.6 main selling point has not yet been fixed, even that two patches ago it was said, that it will be fixed in "upcoming patch"... but BW still had time to nerf the space combat.