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Dual BH Leveling Group Advice?

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Dual BH Leveling Group Advice?

Fluric's Avatar

01.16.2013 , 03:43 AM | #1
Hey everyone

So my girlfriend and I have been enjoying running a Guardian / Sentinel group together, being able to complete 90% of most Heroic 4s by ourselves, and are now going to try out something new with the BH class.

We're just looking for some help on how we should approach this. I'm trying to avoid spoilers to see what companions we get when, but we would like to be split 1 Powertech and 1 Mercenary. Just wondering which builds are more effective for PvE leveling, like if the powertech can actually tank well / merc can heal well, or if one is better at DPS and leaving Mako to heal, etc.

Sorry for the stupid questions, but I'd like some advice from people who know a lot better than I do


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01.16.2013 , 05:42 AM | #2
Fastest way to level as a pair would be both of you as dps and both with healer companions.

PT goes Assault because however useable AP is at high levels its crap when you don't have loads of points

BH will start off with CGC and is best starting off in Pyro tree, swap to Arsenal when you can get tracer (free respec for subscribers) or just keep going as Pyro.

And yes, as a pair you will be able to do most h4s because you are actually 4 due to your companions, anyone else you invite just replaces your companions.
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