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Gear from other classes.

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Gear from other classes.

chaosmadness's Avatar

01.13.2013 , 07:39 AM | #1
Hi all,

I have a doubt.
Can i purchase PVE gear from other classes only for the look or i gonna keep the bonus stats from the gear ?
For example, if i purchase Tionese gear from other classes the "bonus set" gonna disappear after remove the mods or gonna continue there ?

Phrase's Avatar

01.13.2013 , 08:52 AM | #2
I'm not sure, but I believe Tionese, Columi and Rakata will give you the set bonus from the armor shell itself and not the armoring.

Higher tier sets have the bonuses attached to the armorings though, so you can have the set bonus from War Hero placed into the shell of Dread Guard or vice versa. In fact, there are some Juggernauts and Marauders I've seen who wear the WH Eliminator shells, but have the stats and set bonuses from w/e Sith Warrior set they use.

The Bastion

Trooper_One's Avatar

01.13.2013 , 09:16 AM | #3
For Tionese, Columi, and Rakata gear, the bonuses are attached to the armor shells. You can takes the mods out and put them into other armors, but you'll lose the set bonuses.

For the higher end gear (Black Hole, War Hero, Dread Guard, etc...) the bonuses are attached to the mods. For those tiers, you can take the mods out and put them into any piece or armoring and still get the set bonuses. However, it costs 11k credits to take ONE mod out of a piece of armor, so you're looking at around 33k creds for each piece of armor. Not terribly expensive, just be sure you have some cash on hand.

Also, when I say set bonuses, I'm talking about things like "Smoke grenade lasts 5 secs longer" or "Distraction range increased by 5 meters." You'll still get the same Aim, Endurance, Willpower or whatever stats are part of the armor mods.
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chaosmadness's Avatar

01.13.2013 , 04:33 PM | #4
Tks for the help.
I only asked because i purchased 2 pieces from Sith Warrior tionese gear and after removed all mods the bonuses still there..but didn't put my mods yet.