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Asia Pacific Role Players - Gav Daragon needs you!

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Asia Pacific Role Players - Gav Daragon needs you!

DarkHerring's Avatar

01.13.2013 , 05:28 AM | #1
As said above, Gav Daragon needs its Role players back!

It's my understanding that there was a community on this server a while back, and after moving to this game after a month of playing it, I've started up a new role playing guild to find next to no role players - so I've decided to do something about it!

Beginning today, I'm beginning a RP Revival project here, on Gav Daragon, not only to try and bring back to role players that may have started here, but to bring all of the Oceanic RP Community here, away from both EU and America servers!

Currently, Gav Daragon has a cantina night on a sunday night, where the role players that do exist travel to Nar Shaddaa's Slippery Slopes cantina, giving characters a chance to socialize and get to know a few others. Failing that if your character isn't the cantina type (like my own!) then it's often not hard to find yourself in the Sith Sanctum or at the Imperial Fleet talking strategy and current studies!

So...what else is on offer?

Well, firstly, as mentioned before I've just started up my own role playing guild, which has a focus on Imperial Military and Sith dealings! This can range from looking for an artifact to a small campaign across a few planets, or even one planet!

Secondly, once things liven up a bit more, I'm personally planning a server wide campaign. "But that's only for the military people!" they say! I say no! There'll be many elements to the campaign that will allow everyone to contribute! The Imperial Reclamation Service may have something to say in this campaign, too! You Republic lot may finally see a nice jump on an offensive note - we'll see!

A channel you may want to join, should you come to Gav Daragon, as a roleplayer!

/cjoin LFRP

Specially made for organizing RP, the discussion of RP, so on and so forth!

Want to find out more? I'm on most evenings, feel free to roll a toon over here for a chat! Not only with myself, but I'm sure plenty of others will be around too! (My main's name is Aeorna!)

Anyhow, this project won't see to itself on the forums, time for action! Let's see what you make of it!

Nullack's Avatar

01.20.2013 , 04:07 AM | #2
I attended Sunday and was dissapointed.

My background, I played DnD and other PnP roleplaying games since school and into Uni. I know roleplay.

I get into the cantina and its more of a sad single pick up joint than a real role play environment......

I think the problem was a lacking sense of what to do without a mission in the log.

If Bioware dont supply minigames, roleplay your own...This is the gap, people arrive and dont know what to do. I tried to start a gambling operation but I dont people think understood. You can invent your own games outside of what bioware have coded. Duels for dollars. Pick a fight and see where it leads. Or, gamble on something, anything, and youve got winners walking away with allot of cash and loosers thinking theyll win next time......

My initial roleplay was to play a Tatooinian spice dealer selling stims and other commodities in the cantina. No one appeared interested even though I was actually selling them under the vendor price

Overall I think the event needs more leaders to bring focus and help to make others see what it can be