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Information Request: Crashing to Desktop

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Information Request: Crashing to Desktop
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KostonxEld's Avatar

01.10.2013 , 01:14 AM | #631
I did the windows vista switch to 3gb a few days ago. After 1.4 I was crashing every hour or two max. Couldn't stay on for more than 2 hours at all.

Since using the switch i have only had 1 or 2 crashes am that's only after playing for 4+hours. This is NOT a fix for the problem! This problem is still there just being able to play with less fear of crashing at any given time is nice!
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Narlydude's Avatar

01.10.2013 , 02:45 AM | #632
Server=The Harbringer, character=Jaggedfett. It happens pretty much at random times. Even times when im not really doing anything.

Shadow_Assasin's Avatar

01.10.2013 , 02:50 AM | #633
no server
no server population
no nothing
i chrashed to desktop upon launching the game after downloading the latest patch but i fixed it somehow by downloading the launcher exe again repairing and fixing very confusing and agrovating
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Shadow_Assasin's Avatar

01.10.2013 , 05:54 AM | #634
just a heads up to anyone who cant start the game but can the launcher try reinstall the swtor launcher exe it worked for me, just wondering if anyone can confirm this as a fix one person isnt a good group to find this out
give it a shot, tell me how it turns out
No one could live without the other, or crumble before an unbalance of power.

HenrikZar's Avatar

01.10.2013 , 07:58 AM | #635
Anyone have a fix by now? did the reinstall launcher exe work for more than one?
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-Bob-'s Avatar

01.10.2013 , 12:37 PM | #636
4 months now and still no fix? what are we paying for?
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Ezioassasin's Avatar

01.10.2013 , 01:42 PM | #637
1. The Harbinger
2. Jhorn'a
3. It only crashes when I try to do the Esseles Flashpoint
4. I can find no reason for the crash. When I get to the end of the flashpoint (when you're back on the Republic ship heading to Coruscant) it just crashes to the desktop.
5. DxDiag:

6. Reliability Info

7. It always crashes to the desktop, it doesn't take me to the server selection or character login pages.
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LaOosaki's Avatar

01.10.2013 , 03:03 PM | #638
Quote: Originally Posted by HenrikZar View Post
Anyone have a fix by now? did the reinstall launcher exe work for more than one?
Reinstall launcher.exe didn't work for me. Game would run fine first time I played after reinstalling, but next time it would crash again the same way.
Only thing that worked was disabling Win XP Compatibility Mode for Laucher.exe and Swtor.exe for all users, letting Memory Cleaner running while I play, using the 3GB switch for Win 7 and setting game textures to Low (that can be discarded 'cause it's a matter of PC stats).
After a lot of troubleshooting, that's the stuff that worked for me. I came to these settings on December 28th and never crashed again since.
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Narazumono's Avatar

01.10.2013 , 06:05 PM | #639
1. The Bastion
2. Kusuri
3. Rarely.
4. I've gotten my past 2 Crash to Desktops in warzones. The one just now was at the end of one when I clicked Exit Warzone. The previous time (~5days ago) happened right in the middle of the voidstar warzone while I was fightning.

6. The last 3 times I've crashed to desktop my reliability report would not show an error in there. SORRY.
7. This is Indeed a Crash to desktop.
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DrGhostly's Avatar

01.10.2013 , 10:49 PM | #640
Hate to say it, guys, but the only thing that stopped the CTD for me was updating to Windows 8. I'm incredibly doubtful that they'll make a serious long-term attempt to figure out what's causing your guys' problems given that it's been around for a long time.