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Avg level to be at when leaving Taris?

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Avg level to be at when leaving Taris?

Lullas's Avatar

12.13.2012 , 10:26 AM | #11
I suppose what I can do then is maybe not 100% nar shadda and hope for the best then Thanks for the input!

DaShuk's Avatar

01.05.2013 , 01:31 PM | #12
Honestly you probably aren't done yet. I remember when I hit around 21 or so on Taris my first time through and was finally so happy to be done with that craphole of a planet, then as I'm gleefully running back to my ship I see another quest icon and of course go to check it out and OMG MORE RAKGHOULS!!!

I just finished Taris up last night on my Trooper and dinged 24 on the last quest turn in so I think 23-24ish is about normal before you leave. It's a grind and a half though, helps if you have a friend you can pair up with for all the quests, though there are some decent heroic rewards, everything else though is boring as hell other than your class quest. I get so sick of "Kill 20 Rakghouls" Bonus missions every 2 feet on the planet. I had left the game for almost half a year and came back and decided to try some different classes and I can honestly say that Taris makes me not want to roll anymore toons because I hate playing through it right after Coruscant. Hoth, Tatooine, Bel Savis, etc. all feel like they are 3-4X bigger than Taris in terms of size and travel time, yet they go by in 1/3 the time for me that Taris does.

As for outleveling content, I noticed there is sort of a catch-up point when you get into your 40s. My Consular I played through my first time was normally +2-3 to the content on every planet until she hit Bel Savis, and now I'm either even or -1 to a lot of things there so it seems either the level xp grind or something has caught up to me.