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What is going on with my connection?

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What is going on with my connection?
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01.03.2013 , 10:27 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Vailence View Post
Ohh okay! Finally something makes sense. So it's not related to my ISP, but this Verizon backbone. I wonder if they are aware of the issue, or can/will fix it? Do you have any knowledge about that stuff? Thanks for at least clarifying that issue for me. Sigh of relief at least.. Haha
As long as that Verizon backbone is having issues there will be connection latency.

Doing several tracert's has shown that its on all of there backbones.

My guess is there is a network outage somewhere or the backbones are just receiving a lot of traffic atm.

It should resolve itself, but as long as one is down or not receiving packets there will be issues.
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01.03.2013 , 11:02 PM | #22
I am having the same issues, and they have made the game unplayable tonight. This same thing randomly happened about a week ago as well. I logged off because of it, logged back in the next day and things were ok. Until tonight. I live in Florida but play on a west coast server because when I began playing, we had old friends from previous games on west coast servers that we wanted to play with. Now they are gone and I am stuck. It would VERY HELPFUL if there were server transfers implemented for cases such as mine here. HINT HINT

Anyways, here are my specs....

West Coast Server tracert


West Coast server pathping


Now, if I were allowed to transfer to an East Coast server....

East Coast Server tracert


East Coast Server pathping


I really hope that one day I can transfer my multiple toons over. In the meantime, if anybody sees something I can do here other than sit and wait for the terrible lag to just..................stop........I'm all ears.