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Unable to create GTN sales

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12.31.2012 , 09:10 AM | #1
I have had a persistent problem creating sales on the GTN, I suspect because of lag. I have discussed this with friends, and I am not the only one to have this problem. I am nowhere near the maximum number of sales allowed. I will be posting a number of items when I suddenly am unable to create a new sale. The item stays highlighted in my inventory, but when I click on the create sale button, nothing happens. I am sometimes able to resolve the issue by switching instances or re-logging, but it has gotten worse of late. If I am posting a dozen items or more, I may have to re-log half a dozen times to get them all on the GTN.

I did repair my installer, and this has not helped the situation at all. I generally range in the 60ms range on server lag, so I don't know why this is sufficient to cause such problems. Again, the problem has gotten worse in the last week to the point that I am getting very frustrated.

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12.31.2012 , 03:08 PM | #2
I've opened a ticket on this, and no response as well.

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01.02.2013 , 12:12 AM | #3
Would really like a reply on this from community support. This has been an ongoing bug, and it is getting to where I have to re-log half a dozen times to get my items up each day.

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01.02.2013 , 03:59 AM | #4
This happens to me when the server is very crowded. Log off and back on generally solves it tough.
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01.02.2013 , 09:40 AM | #5
I have this exact same problem , Started with the last update. Seems to be triggered if you right click and item to the GTN and paste a price and quickly press submit button. If you pause a second and press/hold submit button to create the sale it seems to work better. As indicated above it seems tied to how many players on the server. Must be GTN lag of some sort. Also for me, Log out and back in seems to solve it till it happens again. Really annoying. Just add this to all the other Biofail created bugs that will be at the bottom of the fix list.

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01.02.2013 , 01:38 PM | #6
It definitely seems to be lag related, and it is definitely worse if you are on an instance of the fleet where there are 250ish players. I have found I have less of a problem if I switch instances and get into the instance with the least amount of players. However, it's been getting worse, to the point that I have to re-log half a dozen times or more to get my 20 or so items up. I shouldn't have to spend half an hour playing the re-log game to get something done that should take 60 seconds.

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01.03.2013 , 09:35 PM | #7
This has been an annoying issue for a long time but now Its defiantly getting worse.

Every 2-3 items posted I have to log out an/or change servers. I will post 1-2 items, there's a lag on the next one then the "create sale" button stops working. Everything else with the GTN is fine.

It happens on my ship, on planet GTN's and on fleet. The number of people on the instance doesn't seem to affect it.

Just because a bug is not immediately considered to be a major issue dose not mean it will not cause problems later on. There are way too many "small" bugs in SWTOR like this one that are just waiting to cause Major problems.

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01.06.2013 , 11:48 AM | #8
For what it is worth, I have found a bit of a workaround. This problem seems to be exacerbated when you click an item and then quickly hit the create sale button. I have been able to avoid this by being much slower and more deliberate when creating sales. Click the item, put in the price and then wait 10 seconds to hit the create sale button. This seems to work for me.

It is still frustratingly slow to put lots of items up at one time as you have to wait 10 seconds before hitting the create sale button for each item, but it is better than having to re-log half a dozen times or more.