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Preorder/ coins error try again later- FIX!

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Preorder/ coins error try again later- FIX!

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01.02.2013 , 05:35 PM | #1
Ok so with some seriosu problems the post I made ended up on the damn French website lol, here it is here, sigh....

Ok everyone a guy found the fix in another thread and I just tried it, u have to remove ALL your current forms of payment in ur payment section of account management, then choose the expansion or cartel coins and input ur card details again, this bypasses the step 2 skipping and results in success, only downside is this may cancel ur sub, thankfully for me I already had issues and had to use purchase game-time via origin, so now i have game-time AND makeb.

However a MAJOR issue whilst I was doing this, the whole damn thing was in French, using a numbering system that just seemed rly rly rly broken, inputting my card details kept giving me province/state errors and for some reason trying to get my expiring date of 06,07 or 08 was not allowed until i hit it enough times. so I finally managed to make the site translate to English, however it was more a English-French hybrid and a lot of guess work but got there,

Bioware, you guys have some seriously messed up problems on your end.

hope this helps anyone with the same issues, this is not the general error fix, this is the fix for the spiking of step 2 error when buying makeb or coins.