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First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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12.28.2012 , 07:56 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Nyhm View Post
Hopefully we will have an ETA soon after new years? As opposed to hoping the community will... forget? about this item and no fix ever gets implemented. Ive seen it happen before. Hope SWTOR is different.
Well if their handling of the Heroes Banner debacle is any indication, I wouldn't hold my breath.

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12.28.2012 , 09:07 PM | #12
I really don't get the "Survey says- /wrong" I could see "yes" or "no", but "wrong"?

Anyway, Hickman did say during this interview,

We'll probably have a 9 week period between the next update and the one after that just so our team can enjoy the holidays a bit. They were all in the office last year during the holidays for the launch, so we want to give them some time off this year.
So yea, no one but the low men on the totem pole are in the office, like poor Cirimon in the CSR department. CSR's, don't fix programming issues, they can fix account issues or other things like that, but coding and game elements are a bit outside their perview. So yea, they launched the whole F2P with a plan NOT to be in the office during the holidays when people are most likely to try out the game.

Again, this is just typical EA planning, especially with Hickman at the helm. His successful quashing of DAoC and megasuccess of WAR (<--- yea, now that is sarcasm). If you watch the interview in it's entirety, Hickman comes off as a used car salesman, while he has SO energized Damien Schubert that I thought he was about to fall asleep. Poor Jasper keeps trying to keep things lively, but is just looking at these guys like "What the hell are you guys doing running an MMO with such resonance among its fans as Star Wars?!"

I almost wonder if the line from Lord Medechas on Belsavis isn't a parody of EA's philosophy, "Minimum resources, maximum results." So yea, that would make us the inmates.
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