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Level 50 priority advanced gear quest

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Level 50 priority advanced gear quest

Menolley's Avatar

12.25.2012 , 02:20 AM | #1
When my smuggler, Twilindra on Dalborra, reached 50 she received an item in the mail that started a quest to get 'priority advanced gear' directing her to an npc in RF. I love he gear and thought pity that my other level 50s missed out by reaching 50 before this was introduced. They are Menolley (50 Jedi Consular Sage), Sithria (Sith Warrior Marauder) and Callistra (Sith Inquisitor). Today my daughter, who has not logged in since well before this was introduced (due to computer issues) logged in to find that all her level 50s had that quest starter in the mail. I have double checked my level 50s but they definitely do not have it .. should they have received it?

Finally, apologies if this is a duplicate post .. my browser crashed the first time I wrote this post and I didn't know if it went through. Since I can't find it anywhere, I'm posting again. Please feel free to delete the first one (with less information) if it's a duplicate .. I just can't find it but could be I'm having issues due to browser crash.

Parkooth's Avatar

12.25.2012 , 03:35 AM | #2
Have you tried returning to Fleet?

I used my Fleet Pass (even on the chars who were on Fleet) and that triggered the email

xomnow's Avatar

12.25.2012 , 03:58 AM | #3
On my old 50s, I found the mail for that quest very flaky (some got it, some didn't, some got it after a time). I believe on one character I was able to pick up the exact same quest from the PvE mission terminal in the supplies area. Perhaps try looking there on any 50 who didn't get the mail.

Edited to add: Actually, I'm sure I was able to pick it up on the PvE terminal in the supplies area. Did it on 2 different 50s now that I really think about it. I'm pretty sure it was put there in case the mail failed for some reason.

Menolley's Avatar

12.26.2012 , 10:21 PM | #4
Just to update: I ported all my 50s into Fleet with fleet pass (even if they were already there) and that activated the mail arriving with the quest. It's not t he same as the gear from the terminal .. that gear is nice, blue gear, had relics and earpieces and implants which was handy but the gear from the quest in the mail is purple, modable epic gear. It' is great .. happy this is sorted out. Thanks for the advice.