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YOu guys will not take my prepaid credit card

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YOu guys will not take my prepaid credit card

Nezchrynliir's Avatar

12.26.2012 , 11:56 AM | #1
My prepaid CC has enough to buy Cartel coins on it, up to the $20 bundle BUT you keep giving me the same BS error right after I made two purchases and then went to try to buy Cartel coins, I was able to upgrade to the digital deluxe version and pre-order the expansion easily, but then I try to buy Cartel coins and this is what I get. Yes there was an error on my part that I did not notice twice in my frustration at your glitchiness, but that does not mean you people have to be grinches to me ON CHRISTMAS!!!!!

Click on Link for message I keep getting, this is why I am so pissed off

FIX THIS NOW!!!!! I want to buy gosh darn Cartel Coins, This is THE ONLY CARD I HAVE ATM!!!!! I demand you do something about this, because your ability to do anything relating to customer service blows chunks and it is pissing me off.

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12.26.2012 , 12:13 PM | #2
I was just able to buy the physical security key from the Origin Store with the card, so it's just the Cartel Coins that is giving me issues, please fix this!

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12.26.2012 , 12:37 PM | #3
SOE had that issue as prepaid cards didnt match the address to the account so it failed.

It took them a year to solve that one I remember.
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Nezchrynliir's Avatar

12.26.2012 , 06:37 PM | #4
wow, that sucked. I'll have to wait on my cartel coins or try another card later.