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12.15.2012 , 08:02 AM | #1
Okay first of all, I cannot purchase any coins... I never had this problem before the new patch but yeah I've already spent 100+ on coins and I don't want to miss out on rare things because of this game's stubborn will to mess up, oh and just to add that party jawa for the 1.5 launch I still haven't got... and yes I was subscribed during launch and I even helped submit feedback on the PTS. Please fix this ASAP, I haven't checked if I've been charged for these failed purchases yet but if I have I will happily move MMOs as so far the level of customer support I've saw has been terrible. It's not a confusing thing, WORKING THINGS = MONEY
So for god sake, hurry up and fix these bugs and listen to your customers!
Ps. As for the tone of this complaint that shouldn't change a thing.

Edit: Just saw a thread about this so sorry for double posting but yeah, I mean surely by this time I should have the party jawa at least? Anyways yeah, I'll go read the staffs comments on that although it'll most likely be nonsense.