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12.15.2012 , 03:23 AM | #1

The dwindling population of the three APAC servers have spent months upon months upon months BEGGING you, in these forums, in phone calls, in in-game tickets - to MERGE the APAC servers into a dedicated, super-server OR provide the players with TRANSFERS.

This consolidated forum here - - has had over 87000 views and 1447 responses SO FAR.

A little over a month ago I did a same time, server test experiment between Master Dar'Nala and The Bastion, playing a total of 18 hours at the same day and time. The mathematical, indisputable results from that test showed how dire the situation is -
At the head of each hour I took notes on populations on each planet from the Republic Faction, as well as the number of LVL50's logged in. Here is a link to the spreadsheet with those results, including % differences from the highest total.

Here are the Warzone Statistics...

In 9 hours of playing Warzones
Master Dar'Nala: Reached LVL 12, played 17 Warzones
The Bastion: Reached LVL 14, played 32 Warzones

On Master Dar'Nala that meant a pop of 1.8 games per hour. We could not even manage to get 2 warzones an hour.
On The Bastion that meant a pop of 3.5 games per hour.

If your average Warzone lasts 15 minutes, that means that each hour:
Master Dar'Nala: 33 minutes spent waiting in the Que each hour
The Bastion: 7.5 minutes spent waiting in the Que each hour
In your last communication you CONTINUED to ignore the facts and said, publicly, that you would evaluate the situation once F2P had launched.

The time has come, Bioware. The Community is FED UP with your blatant disregard of us and your ignorance to our sustained calls for a reasonable fix to this situation. We are entitled to the SAME game experience as everyone else, and are PAYING you for the same experience.

Your conduct up until this point has been grossly insufficient and it's time you made a decision, one way or the other.
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12.15.2012 , 05:29 AM | #2
I agree; Bioware, on numerous occasions now you have said to the public you will look into this problem yet you have still done nothing. We have been ignored, forgotten and essentially been told we are not as important as the other servers. I for one have had enough, fix these issues right now and give us a proper *********** response instead of your copy/paste ******** (We will look into it blah blah blah)

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12.15.2012 , 06:46 AM | #3
this game is falling apart really bad look at how many things are broken and still issues that were in beta haven't been fixed. Customer support can't even work tickets right now the turn around seems to be 3 weeks per ticket some of us have sunk so much money into this game and it seems the weight of that fortune is making it a sinking ship lol.

We will never get our free transfers or merge like the US/EU players had they nolonger have the support team that could pull off something so technical it's been on Auto pilot for some time and even the stupid stuff with all reskin effects shows the lack of skill from the current devs.