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Is shadow hard to play?

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Is shadow hard to play?

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12.12.2012 , 08:27 AM | #11
Well, you all have convinced me to go Shadow. We'll see how it goes. I'm still a bit skeptical and haven't had a chance to really play that toon. I'm just looking for an alt to play while my other toon is resting. I got a little ahead of myself, skipped a couple of planets and managed to get to the planet I'm on like 2 levels below my class quests. So I'm trying to take advantage of rest xp to catch up.
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12.12.2012 , 08:47 AM | #12
It depends what game you have come from.

I came from LOTRO, which i found simplistic, but this entire game is mind-numbingly simple in comparison. rotations, specs, setup, combat mechanics, everything in TOR is 100x easier than in LOTRO! So, from my point of view, absolutely everything in TOR is very, very easy.

However, I have heard that WoW is even easier than TOR, so if you came from WoW and found WoW challenging, then i guess the shadow might be tough to play!

As to how the shadow compares against other TOR classes, it depends on the spec.

1) Infiltration.

This is the easiest spec to play whilst leveling, but the hardest to reach high performance. You only actually use a small number of skills to damage enemies:

Clairvoyant Strike
Shadow Strike
Spinning Strike
Saber Strike
Force Breach

So, in that respect, its extremely easy! I mean, how hard is it to use 6 skills? Sure, you have a few other things to deal with (stealth, cc, buffs etc) but the majority of the time you're just gonna be blasting through mobs using these skills. However, reaching high sustained DPS is hard as infiltration. You're proc management and force management needs to be perfect to even reach the same league as other classes. You're utility is actually terrible: no group buffs, no in-combat cc, no heals and you're off-tanking is crap (light armour). It takes real skill to pull off good sustained DPS at endgame.

2) Balance Spec

This spec is all about DoTs. It is now the squishiest spec for shadows and pretty terrible for leveling due to the DoT nature. However, at 50 this is our highest DPS spec. Its all about managing DoTs, so be prepare to spec a lot of time watching DoTs ticking off and watching your own procs. Rotation is thus a bit more complicated. Still rubbish utility for raids.

3) Kinetic Combat (tank) Spec

Again, tanking in this game is child's play compared to LOTRO. It is seriously easy no matter what tank class you are. However, shadows are the alpha tanks in 99% of scenarios: we have highest avoidance, highest self-healing, usually highest health, highest DPS, highest threat, highest AoE....only thing we lack is armour! So, which leveling this may be an issue due to low avoidance but at 50, you're avoidance will be so high that you are gonna be better than everyone else.

Rotation for tanking is also very easy. When playing with progression DPSers it can sometimes be a bit challenging to hold aggro so you'll need more precision on rotation, but until then it's very easy (just remember that most tanks can't hold AoE aggro well, so just focus on tanking the most important mobs in an AoE situaiton).
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12.12.2012 , 08:51 AM | #13

This is a huge guide for one of the highest DPS PvE specs, it is for assassin but everything is transferred as a shadow. It is very well written!
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12.12.2012 , 10:07 AM | #14
I came from DCUO so I found TOR to have a really high learning curve. You can plug an Xbox controller into your computer and you feel like you're playing a console game. The control scheme is very, very simple. Maybe because the target audience is not the hardcore MMO fan. TOR relying on purely keyboard and mouse and having much, much more abilities and powers to manage made things harder for me. DCUO basically forces you to pick X number of powers. Then you choose which ones you spec at any time and everyone can be dual spec. So you have a certain set of powers/abilities. if you're in tank mode you may have one subset of those powers and in DPS mode you might have a different subset of powers. You also have the ability to equip different weapons. So, I've got a toon that is mainly a healer. If I'm running w/a group in healer mode I use a bow. It's a ranged weapon and I can stay away from the big, bad, bad guys 'cuz in healer mode my healing abilities are boosted, but my DPS isn't so I'm kind of squishy. If I'm solo questing or in a group that already has a healer, then I'm using a staff as I like to melee and my DPS powers are suited for that.

So TOR where you basically pick one role and spec that role is a bit different to me. I suppose I could use quickbars to equip different abilities based on my group role.
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