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Greatest Force User of All Time

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Greatest Force User of All Time

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12.10.2012 , 09:59 PM | #231
Quote: Originally Posted by Rabbarabba View Post
I can see your logic to him mastering the light, but the 'all mighty creator' himself says it is impossible to master both sides of the force, no matter how special the case it cannot happen.
I'd like to point out that the "almighty creator" no longer owns star wars so his statements are for the birds. As for using both dark and light it doesnt make sense since u would have to be in 2 opposite emotional states basically u would have to be both calm and restless at the same time.

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12.11.2012 , 05:17 AM | #232
Interesting that you point that out, Aurbere. I wasn't saying that the Rakata were invincible, only that at the height of their power, one of them was probably one of the most powerful force users ever, based solely on their species' mastery of the Force.

The invasion, IIRC, was sometime between the golden days of the Rakata when they ruled without question, and the slave revolts that rocked their power base. Then the plague destroyed their force sensitivity and it was game over for the Infinite Empire.
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12.11.2012 , 05:51 AM | #233
Quote: Originally Posted by Aurbere View Post
King Adas and the old Sith defeated a Rakata invasion...
But we have fact that Soa was proclaimed King of Korriban. So there was the time when Rakata defeated Sith and ruled their planet, though we don't know was it before or after Adas' death.

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12.12.2012 , 08:27 PM | #234
A boring and obvious answer, I know, but can't be anyone else but Luke Skywalker. Of Siths, it's Darth Sidious.

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12.12.2012 , 08:52 PM | #235
I believe Lucas said Luke was the greatest Jedi of all time.
The Emporer was afraid of him, and had Luke not thrown away his sword, probably would have defeated him.

Sadly, the special effects between the OT and the PT are so different due to technology advances that Luke seems underpowered. They didn't have Mark and D. Prowse in wire harnesses for really cool moves, Hollywood fight scenes and swordsmanship are much more visually exciting these days (minus edge on edge parries, don't get me started).

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12.13.2012 , 01:24 AM | #236
No contest; Darth Nihilus, his hunger was both his greateat strength and weakness.... Anyone who can command the Force to consume an entire planet is obviously the strongest...

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12.13.2012 , 01:28 AM | #237
Quote: Originally Posted by undeadsithdread View Post
he was lying also did not even destroyed sidious vader did.
This is what sooo many people miss. Luke was NOT the chosen one... It was Anakin, Anakin was ALWAYS the Chosen One, the one to restore balance to the Force... However, the path he followed to finally destroy the last embodiement of the Dark Side was far disparate from what others in the Jedi Order had supposed, they all assumed he would become a mantle of the Light Side of the Force, instead he turned, and in the most pivotal moment in Galactic History, returned to the Light Side and fullfiled his destiny [i.e. destroyed the Emperor]

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12.13.2012 , 02:03 AM | #238
i got i got, iknow who the greatest force user of all time is, we all are wrong. It was under our noses the entire time:

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12.13.2012 , 03:45 AM | #239
I am, close now.
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12.22.2012 , 11:26 PM | #240
Quote: Originally Posted by gregordunbar View Post
If its no contest and its Luke...because the books say so...then please point out the passage to me where it says that Luke CREATED LIFE with the force...oh wait he couldn't, but someone else could...not to mention a certain someone that could drain all life on an entire planet with the force.

Luke was a chump compared to the big boys.
That was an ability and specific power, but id hazard a guess that doing those feats completely drained the user for days. And who says he cant? Flow walking was not a dark side technique yet Luke did not approve of using it, and later did not want his son to learn it or use it at first, yet conceded at the end. Again just because he has not used it, does not mean he did not have the ability to learn and master it.

As for palpatine, he was strong, heck way stronger then Luke at the time they clashed, but as seems to be the popular thing, his arrogance was his downfall.

Darth Nihilus, again yes he had the power to devour an entire population with the power of the force, but look at some of the other Jedi that were not as "powerful" seemingly, they all have their own strengths and weaknesses, corran horn was able to use the force in all ways but manipulation to physical items with telekinesis yet, Valin Horn had a natural ability to manipulate insects to do whatever he wanted them to do. Maybe not as impressive as devouring a planet, yet my point is is that nihilus might have only has that power be his most powerful force ability yet was a poorer casual force user, casual being push, pull and other powers. Heck using power in that access he might have depleted his entire "reservoir" of force energy and then some leaving him weak as it satisfied his hunger, leaving him vulnerable to death by force use as it strengthens his physical abilities. As far as i see it having played kotor, nihilus seemed to be at his maximum power, at least his power seemed to be most effective when he had the drop on his targets, but face to face encounters, (beings that had defenses in the force up and prepared for combat) seemed to be weaker and less effective.

maybe if he trained himself he could have been a "dark Luke" of his time in the measure of power and natural use of the force, but like most Sith, he believed his presence and power sufficient enough to never be formally challenged, or at least challenged and defeated until it actually happened.