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Cartel Coin discrepancy

Tsillah's Avatar

12.08.2012 , 04:53 PM | #1
A few days ago:

Total cartel coins on top of ledger: 60
Total cartel coins left in ledger balance: 820
Total cartel coins to spend in cartel shop: 60

I put in a ticket and...


Total cartel coins on top of ledger: 820
Total cartel coins in ledger balance: 820
Total cartel coins to spend in cartel shop: 60

So something changed but it's still not right...
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Celoril's Avatar

12.08.2012 , 05:26 PM | #2
mine is much the same ledgers showing 640
amount available in game to spend 40
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Bredwyn's Avatar

12.09.2012 , 07:20 AM | #3
Same problem here...
Total cartel coins on top of ledger: 2050
Total cartel coins to spend in cartel shop: 150

Justinlf's Avatar

12.09.2012 , 07:52 AM | #4
Good to know I'm not the only one Bioware has been jerking around on this issue. Now if only they'd fix it in the only place that matters.

Tsillah's Avatar

12.09.2012 , 03:57 PM | #5
Meh it's a new set up for them and I don't want to be negative. It's annoying and want it fixed. If I am entitled to more coins I should be able to spend them, especially when the new stuff hits.
Et In Gehenna Ego Vixi


Valethar's Avatar

12.09.2012 , 04:05 PM | #6
Try buying a cartel pack, then having it refunded in the store, to see if that adjusts the balance. I had much the same problem, with the balance being off by almost 2,000 coins. When they ran the script to adjust many of the incorrect balances, mine looked similar to yours, showing the full amount awarded, but not available.

After buying a Crime Lord's pack, then refunding it, my balance adjusted to the correct number of coins available, and stayed correct from that point on.

Just remember to purchase a physical item from the store, like one of the packs, but DO NOT CLAIM IT from the 'cart'. Instead, refund it to get the coins back. Not everything on the store is a physical item, or is treated like one, so it's safer to use one of the 'packs', because of the number of steps required to confirm the purchase before it's placed in your inventory.

With any luck, this may help you and correct the display of what you have available to spend.
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Thylbanus's Avatar

12.09.2012 , 04:43 PM | #7
I'm out 5500 CC from a $39.99 purchase. I've submitted in-game tickets, tickets from here on the website and called. It's been a week and I received an email on Friday saying it was fixed. It wasn't.

Still waiting...
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KmPek's Avatar

12.10.2012 , 04:27 AM | #8
I too have a discrepancy.. ledger = 990
in-game = 490
discrepancy = 500

gone through the math, I'm not out of pocket like i first thought...they paided me 2 amounts of the subbers CC allowence on the first month of CC activation.... bought a pack, refunded as suggested above, no fix coz, thats not the issue.
have sent 2 reply...

nice game...shame about the beer!