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Cartel Item Binding

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12.10.2012 , 12:52 AM | #1
This post will probably turn out to be more of a rant than anything else, so be forewarned.

I recently returned to help a friend along who had mentioned he started playing since this game went F2P. I knew I would have cartel coins banked since I kept my sub going even though I wasn't playing. I jump ingame and visit the cartel market to see what goodies I can purchase with all of the free coins I'd been given. After deciding there wasn't really much I needed to actually buy as a subscriber, I bought some cartel packs.

That's when reality smacked me a bit - I would have to wait 36 hours for the items to unbind before I could make use of them. W T F?!?! So I asked myself "Why would Bioware put this timer on there?" and started searching. I finally found my answer, posted by Nathan Emmott where he states "I've seen some discussions on the test server wondering why we even have the binding rules in place. To be blunt, it's to limit fraud. Allowing players to trade items they buy from the Market, to give gifts, and to sell them on the Galactic Trade Network is core to our plans for the Cartel Market and an experience we only want to improve!"

Okay, I can understand their concern about compromised accounts and being able to transfer real money items immediately. But why should that limit players from transferring those items between characters on that particular account. By all means, leave the timer on there if you will, but allow me to transfer this light saber to a force user on my account rather than sitting on the damn thing for 36 hours (or more as a non-sub) on my BH.
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12.10.2012 , 12:56 AM | #2
I agree. They should at least bind to legacy so you can trade them to yourself, other alts.