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Should Commandos Heal?

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12.07.2012 , 03:06 PM | #11
Commandos have the lowest healing output compared to scoundrels and sages, but they can tank a bit more damage. However, that's because unlike scoundrels and sages, commandos cannot escape from combat (no stealth like a scoundrel, or force speed/bubble stun like a sage). So the class if pretty flawed (and imo, deserves a buff). A lot of damage in PvP ignore armour anyway, which makes heavy armour pointless against some types of damage. Pity BW don't realise this...
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12.08.2012 , 12:33 PM | #12
I am primarily DPS assault, and I would recommend it as a starting point for anyone. It really teaches you to kite / LOS / escape, which are skills gunnery troopers don't get to use but medics SHOULD use. Escape until your shield is off CD, or you can supercharge. Throw kolto bombs to self-heal and slow pursuers.

But I wanted to get more flexible, increase my usefulness in ranked. So, now on some maps I try to run half in assault and half in heals. Yesterday in Voidstar, I dd 280k on offense and 280k heals in defense. My goal is to work on both and get both 300k medals in the same match. I think that's something no other AC can bring to the table. I also have an op healer, and in pugs at least find myself putting up equally good heal numbers in my commando medic... often breaking 500k heals in a full match.
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12.09.2012 , 08:57 AM | #13
My main is a heal spec commando in full WH/EWH gear. I primarily heal but I have actually found that playing a "support" role works very well with heal spec commandos. By this I mean you heal first and DPS to support. Commandos have some of the best AOEs in the game... Use them. It's not uncommon for me to have 150-200k DPS and 200-250k heals in the same match. If there are no other healers I defiantly hit the healing harder and have around 350k or more if I'm not constantly focused. Commandos getting 500k heals is not the norm and if that happens it is likely against a bad opponent who doesn't mark/focus healers. If there are 2 other healers and you work together your team should be tough to beat. In that case I try to help keep the other healers alive by healing them or harassing their attackers. I can't tell you how many times I have sean juggs and maras peel off other healers for a nice "juicy" commando, only to find they have a hard taking me down through my shield and support heals of the now free healer I was supporting. It's amazing how long we CAN last on the move by popping shield, an adrenal, adrenalin rush, and throwing down kolto bombs at our feet while spamming kolto infusion when it's off CD.
I see the commando as more of a "jack of all trades and master of none" type role. We are not going to put up the best Heals since we don't have a viable HOT in WZ (ie green beam of death), and we are not going to top the boards in DPS, nor should we. But the commando CAN do both as the situation dictates. Other than Hutt ball, I usually change cells to the armor piercing one since after you die in a match it is hard to build up 30 charges again. In hutt ball I still use the combat support cell so I can run with the ball carrier bright green beam blazing. It either heals the ball carrier or draws them off. It's amazing how often I can draw 2-3 imps off the ball carrier like moths to a flame! Also, when you get marked, and you will know it when you do, instead of thinking "poor me", USE it against them! Coordinate with another player and use that marker above your head to draw imps off nodes and doors. Even experienced players have a hard time resisting that big marker above your head and can sometimes be drawn off and CCed too far from an objective to do anything about it.

I say all this to say that commandos in WZ SHOULD heal, but to ONLY heal is limiting their potential, especially since we are rarely going to put up the big numbers like a sage or scoundrel. I have only topped 500k healing a few times, and that's OK because I know my role and I try to play it the best that I can.
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12.10.2012 , 07:30 PM | #14
I play a healing commando and it is possible to put up high numbers but you need to either be supported with another healer or a guard. Here is a couple examples of some games granted some were full length voidstars but i consistently put up around 500k+ games depending on speed of games and such. The most important and overlooked ability is kolto bomb which is a great aoe heal which also increased healing done. And trauma probe is a nice ability as long as you have ammo to spare.
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