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Jedi Knight DPS

Kingspian's Avatar

12.03.2012 , 03:58 AM | #1
I've been checking out on this site and its pretty good info for me to know what Stats I need to know.

The stats are COMBAT:
Strength and Endurance. Strength improves melee damage and critical chance. Endurance increases health and health regeneration. Willpower improves Force attacks and resistance to internal and elemental damage.

My stats are:
lvl: 18
Strength: 229
Presence: 109
Aim: 40
Cunning: 38
Endurance: 256
Willpower: 48
am I doing okay? or what do I need to focus my stats more?
~ Daniel
Kingspian Level 50

Villillin's Avatar

12.06.2012 , 02:53 AM | #2
Do not get willpower!!!!!!! You are lvl 18 I'm sure you're in. At 50 you want 28-32% crit depending on spec 78-80% sure n ham power power n more power. I have a sent through hm tfb n 2/4 nim ec.

Str - 2300 (around that)
Primary dmg 1165 -1255
Secondary 355 top end
Bonus dmg 722
Crit 31%
Surge 78%
Force bonus dmg 1069 that stat means nothing.
Sents are diff from other dps classes. Our stats are lower but I think we are the top dps in most fights. I also have a snipe vanguard sage

My spec is watchman viable for pvp n pve
Combat is also viable for both but I do not like it in pvp.
Focus is pvp but not viable for pve

But you are lvl 18 don't worry till 50
Also mox parser is a great way to watch you dmg progress. Search it in google

Remember!!!! Sents are great but there. Are Aton of bad ones out there since you do hav to be a mobile player. Some people can not play sents.

Kingspian's Avatar

12.06.2012 , 03:26 AM | #3
Thanks for the tip. I'll keep it under my notes. I would like to try to be the best DPS I can be and so far I'm doing very well. Just have to get use to alot of cooldowns. DCUO wasn't much like this, I was tough to fight and power ups.

Sent was the best choice and wanna say thank you for those who told me which is the best for dps. Guys are the best!
~ Daniel
Kingspian Level 50